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Facts about 1NCE Healthcare Customers

  • 250+ customers worldwide

  • IoT projects operated in 36+ countries

  • 15 large deployments worldwide

  • Typical deployment size 1-10k

Facts about 1NCE Healthcare Customers

  • 250+ customers worldwide

  • IoT projects operated in 36+ countries

  • 15 large deployments worldwide

  • Typical deployment size 1-10k

Statista reported that in 2016 the global healthcare related IoT revenues reached $24 billion, and projections suggest that this figure is expected to surpass $135 billion by 2025. IoT is changing the way patient data is collected and assessed, facilitating remote monitoring, and improving the operational effectiveness of medical institutions.

1NCE may track the high relevance of the healthcare industry to IoT: from our 18,000 customers, more than 250 in this field have set up their remote monitoring, clinic environment management, medication dispensing, healthcare asset tracking, and more solutions with 1NCE. It is apparent that IoT Healthcare is a global business since the IoT projects we operate in Healthcare are deployed across 36 countries including Germany, US, Italy, Sweden, France, UK, US, UK, Chile, Germany, Denmark, Malaysia, Japan, and South Korea.  

Healthcare Use Cases

Healthcare use cases span in-hospital treatment, remote monitoring and even medical devices tracking. Discover where IoT can make an impact:

Use Case 


Pill Dispensers

Smart medication dispensing with data tracking. 

Hospital Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of patients within a clinical setting. 

Remote Patient Monitoring

Ongoing remote tracking of patient health beyond clinical environment. 

Telehealth & Telecare 

Providing medical consultations and care remotely. 

Cardiac Rhythm Management 

Monitoring and managing heart rhythm and cardiac data. 

Remote ECG Monitoring 

Continuous monitoring of the electrocardiogram (ECG). 

Blood Pressure Monitoring 

Continuous tracking and management of blood pressure. 

Coagulation Monitoring 

Monitoring and managing blood coagulation status. 

Sleep Therapy Monitoring 

Monitoring and improving sleep disorders and therapy. 

Home Sleep Diagnostics 

At-home sleep disorder diagnosis and monitoring. 

Blood Oxygen Monitoring 

Continuous measurement of blood oxygen levels. 

Airflow Monitoring 

Monitoring and managing respiratory airflow. 

Glucose Level Monitoring 

Continuous monitoring of blood glucose levels. 

Medication Compliance Monitoring 

Tracking patient adherence to medication regimens. 

Connected Automated External Defibrillators 

Automated external defibrillators connected for immediate response. 

Clinical Trials 

Conducting medical research studies and data collection. 


Digital health services and information exchange. 

Customers Talk

1NCE customers prove that IoT may bring more safety, cost-efficiency, and accuracy to healthcare projects:

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