Smart Pill Dispensers & IoT

Personalized medication dispensing solutions offer valuable support for patients who struggle with medication adherence. As reported by the NCBI, more than half of patients fail to adhere to their prescribed medical regimens, and this non-adherence contributes to over 10% of all hospital admissions, resulting in 125,000 fatalities annually, while imposing an annual economic burden ranging from USD 100 billion to USD 289 billion.  

Consequently, IoT-enabled medication dispensers are gaining increasing prominence. Smart pill dispensers are equipped with connected sensors to offer real-time tracking and monitoring of medication usage, effectively mitigating instances of missed doses. 1NCE's collaboration with over 250 healthcare clients provides compelling evidence of the IoT's increasing relevance in this specialized domain, especially when applied to connected medical dispensers. This underscores the significant role of IoT technology in this particular use case. 

Pill Dispensers’ Vendors

The list of pill dispensers’ providers is quite broad; find out more in the table below:




Becton, Dickinson, and Company 

Franklin Lakes, NJ

Capsa Healthcare 

Portland, OR

ARxIUM Inc. 

Buffalo Grove, IL 

Accu-Chart Plus Healthcare Systems, Inc. 

Southfield, MI

Cerner Corporation 

North Kansas City, MO

Hero Health Inc. 

New York, NY

Omnicell, Inc. 

Mountain View, CA

Parata Systems 

Durham, NC


Needham, MA

McKesson Corporation 

Irving, TX

Note: The list makes no claim to completeness.    

IoT Applications

Find out more about applications within IoT pill dispensers: 



Medication Reminders Send timely reminders to take medication. 
Medication Tracking Record and share medication usage data. 
Remote Medication Monitoring Monitor medication adherence and treatment remotely. 
Dispensing History Keep a history of dispensed medications for review. 
Smart Alerts and Notifications Alert caregivers about missed doses and issues. 
Medication Reordering Automatically reorder medications when low. 
Data Analytics for Healthcare Analyze data to improve care plans and outcomes. 
Integration with Health Records Seamlessly connect with electronic health records. 
Customizable Dosage Scheduling Create personalized, flexible medication schedules. 
Medication Security Secure access to medication with PIN or biometrics. 

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