sportstation 2

Sport meets Social Media

Are the use of modern media and exercise sport incompatible? Not with the sportstation 2. A multifunctional  measuring device that can inspire young and old in sports lessons, in clubs or at events. The sportstation 2  is able to recognise and evaluate movements on the left, right and in front. This allows to create versatile course trainings without complicated set-up, which are evaluated section by section and thus immediately records the player times, scores and points - no matter whether dribbling with the ball, running or even skating.

The Sportstation GmbH trusts in 1NCE

The sportstation GmbH trusts in cellular connectivity from 1NCE to transfer the collected movement data to an evaluation platform in the cloud. The sportstation 2 is therefore ideal for training sessions in clubs, competitions in schools or at events as well as for measuring personal success. Via a mobile app for smartphones, coaches or participants can immediately view their performance data and compare themselves with other players or previous performances.

In addition, several devices can be connected and synchronized with each other to perfom for example sprint disciplines such as 100m which now can be measured precisely the easy way. Thanks to the devices connected by 1NCE via mobile cellular network, they can be set as far apart as desired as soon as they have been synchronized.

Project Details
Technology: 2G,3G,4G,NB-IoT,LTE-M
Location: DACH

The inventor of the sportstation, Wolfgang Alexander Paes, was involved with the digitalization of training units at a very early stage. In 2004 he developed the so-called "Speedflipper”. A device that used light barriers to determine information about the players' speed, reaction, and agility over a 12-metre distance. Originally, the device had been used in tennis training sessions. The idea eventually gave rise to the sportstation GmbH, a company currently based in Gifhorn near Wolfsburg.   In 2020, Paes used the enforced Corona break for a new start: together with Arthur and Johann-Lukas Voigt, who had already developed an app for precise automatic timing on smartphones, they completely revised the sportstation and created are more affordable one. Today's sporstation 2 can do much more: instead of external light barriers, built-in optoelectronic sensors take over the measurement of movements. The collected data is immediately transferred to the cloud for evaluation. Thanks to the data sets and connectivity, not only bare times but instant age-graded and gender-graded assessments of performance are possible. Multiple devices can even be paired for more advanced challenges.


Building a device that can recognize and evaluate so many movement details is actually a big challenge itself. But how do you get the data into the cloud as easily as possible? Since the sportstation 2 has to be mobile, transmission technologies such as WLAN or even wired are out of the question. The only solution is actually mobile radio. But here the contract landscape is often complex and is even more uneconomical if the sportstation 2 is only to be used occasionally for events or in the summer season.

1NCE Solution

With the 1NCE IoT Lifetime Flat 10 Dollars for 10 years, the complex cost factor of mobile communications is eliminated for the sportstation 2. The SIM card always connects to the best network, and is thus designed for optimal reception in every region. It also gives the sportstation 2 a competitive advantage as a provider. Customers do not have to take care of the SIM card themselves, as is the case with other products. Everything comes from a single source. The device, the app, the connectivity. There is no easier way.

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