IoT Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) is emerging as a vital method in numerous countries for handling the growing population of individuals with chronic illnesses. According to Statista, approximately 56 percent of surveyed hospitals stated that they had already integrated remote patient monitoring, while roughly a quarter had intentions to implement this technology within the next twelve months. 

IoT drives continuous data collection, virtual medical support for patients with chronic conditions, and ultimately improves health management through timely delivered information. This relevance can be also proved by 1NCE 250+ Healthcare customers operating their projects across 36+ countries, with almost all of them referring to remote monitoring as one of the solutions for their institutions and treatment schemes. 

Remote Patient Tracking Vendors

The use of remote and home patient monitoring devices is growing globally, especially in the US, with the key players shown below:










Honeywell Life Care Solutions 


BioTelemetry, Inc. 


iRhythm Technologies, Inc. 


Note: The list makes no claim to completeness.    

Major IoT Applications

Remote patient management implies multiple specific applications within the healthcare industry:



Telecare Remote care services that offer continuous monitoring, support, and accessibility for patients. 
Telehealth The provision of healthcare services remotely, allowing patients to receive medical consultations and monitoring from the comfort of their homes. 
Cardiac Rhythm Management Continuous monitoring and management of cardiac rhythms, particularly beneficial for patients with heart conditions. 
Remote ECG Monitoring Continuous monitoring of electrocardiogram (ECG) data from patients in their homes, enabling early detection of heart-related issues. 
Blood Pressure Monitoring Real-time tracking and monitoring of patients' blood pressure in the home environment, assisting in hypertension management. 
Sleep Therapy Monitoring Monitoring and optimizing sleep therapy for patients with sleep disorders in the comfort of their homes, improving treatment outcomes. 
Home Sleep Diagnostics Conducting sleep disorder diagnostics in a home setting, providing convenience and comfort for patients undergoing clinical sleep studies. 
Blood Oxygen Monitoring Continuous monitoring of patients' blood oxygen levels in their homes, crucial for respiratory and critical care patients. 
Airflow Monitoring Monitoring patients' airflow in their homes, particularly important for those with respiratory conditions or undergoing mechanical ventilation. 
Glucose Level Monitoring Continuous monitoring of patients' glucose levels in their homes, vital for diabetes management and treatment. 
Medication Compliance Monitoring Ensuring patients adhere to medication regimens at home, improving treatment effectiveness and patient outcomes. 
Connected Automated External Defibrillators Smart defibrillators connected to home systems for real-time assistance in emergencies, enhancing the speed and accuracy of life-saving interventions. 
Clinical Trials Conducting clinical trials with the support of IoT and connected devices in remote environments, improving data collection and research outcomes. 
eHealth Using digital technologies for healthcare services and management in remote settings, enhancing healthcare delivery and patient care. 

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