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1NCE OS Software Tools


Device Authenticator seamlessly authenticates and identifies devices in your cloud


Device Inspector enables remote monitoring of your device fleet


Device Locator provides constant device geopositioning without GPS


Energy Saver optimizes energy consumption of battery-powered products


IoT Integrator provides integration tools based on open standards bridging into your IT infrastructure

Single-Purpose Tools

Our easy-to-integrate building blocks assist you throughout the connected product lifecycle. 1NCE OS only offers solutions for issues everyone will face when building or maintaining IoT products.

Embed single-purpose, modular building blocks into your IT infrastructure.

Open Environment – No Vendor Lock-In

All data belongs to you. Feel free to use other vendors next to us. We embrace open industry standards and open source.

Our spec-compliant use of protocols (i.e. Lightweight-M2M) provide an easy way out, if required.


1NCE OS evolves with third-party plugins, ensuring seamless integration, ongoing enhancements, and an expanding feature set, all without technical friction for our customers.

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What is IoT software?
IoT software acts as the brains behind your connected devices. It collects, processes, and analyzes data from sensors, allowing devices to communicate and interact with the world around them. 1NCE OS provides a robust software foundation for your IoT applications, enabling secure device management and integration, efficient data collection and analysis, scalable deployment for large-scale IoT projects. 
What are 5 types of IoT?

The types of IoT networks include LAN (Local Area Network), PAN (Personal Area Network), LPWAN (Low-Power Wide-Area Network), Mesh Network, and Cellular Network. Each type varies in coverage, power consumption, and range, catering to different IoT device needs and use cases. 

Is IoT hardware or software?
IoT encompasses both hardware and software components. Hardware includes sensors, actuators, and devices, while software includes applications, platforms, and analytics systems. 
What is IoT mainly used for?
IoT is mainly used for collecting and analyzing data from connected devices; automating processes and improving efficiency; enhancing decision-making through real-time insights; enabling new services and business models; energy saving and remote control. 
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