Early diagnosis of arrhythmias and stroke prevention for health care easily and cost-effectively thanks to the 1NCE Lifetime Fee

Zenicor Medical Systems AB is one of the leading medtech companies in Europe in the fields of early diagnosis of arrhythmias and stroke prevention for health care. For such purposes, Zenicor has developed the Zenicor-ECG device, a unique and cost-effective system solution. The company has been selected as the sole provider of ECG recording devices to the SAFER Study in the UK – the world’s largest screening trial with 120.000 patients participating. The aim is to detect undiagnosed atrial fibrillation and prevent strokes and other problems in comparison to current routine care methods. The study is managed by Cambridge University.

All Zenicor devices in the SAFER study will be equipped with 1NCE SIM to allow for smooth and reliable transfer of ECG data using the mobile network. Zenicor also uses 1NCE SIM cards in every new device shipped to customers in all the markets in which they are present.


Project Details
Industry: Healthcare
Technology: 2G,3G
Location: Globally

Zenicor Medical Systems AB is a Swedish medical technology company founded in 2003. Together with researchers from the Karolinska Institutet, Zenicor has developed Zenicor-ECG, a system solution for early detection and diagnosis of atrial fibrillation and other arrhythmias. Zenicor-ECG has been proved to be superior in terms of diagnostic accuracy compared to traditional methods according to research studies. It demonstrably leads to a reduction in the number of stroke cases and more effective use of healthcare resources. Zenicor-ECG is now established in more than 400 hospitals in ten countries in Europe.


Zenicor faced an increasing cost and administrative burden to maintain its high standard roaming capability, a key element for the smooth patient experience, when expanding its business into new markets. Zenicor had also identified a potential to streamline manufacturing processes reducing the time from order of SIM, activation of SIM and installation in the finished product. Manual documentation processes also prevented the company from efficiently monitoring the performance of the devices and receiving real usage insights, for example use of roaming networks.

1NCE Solution

The 1NCE Lifetime Fee pre-paid model allows Zenicor Medical Systems AB to have full control of the cost for the lifetime of the device, with savings corresponding up to 20.000 €/year for every 1.000 devices in comparison to conventional subscription plans. 1NCE technology has also streamlined the administration of the Zenicor-ECG devices. Some examples of this are:  

  • The elimination of delays in the process cycle from the submission of a purchase order for the acquisition of SIM cards to the test phase in finished devices thanks to 1NCE’s fast delivery process and the pre-activated 1NCE Flex SIMs
  • 1NCE’s IMEI lock/unlock pairing to device ID, which prevents or eliminates unauthorized use
  • 1NCE’s API to the Customer Portal enabling customization of Zenicor administration of device SIMs.
  • No running cost for data plan, reducing attention to devices not in service.

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