The Key Insights on IoT in the Automotive Industry 

Automotive use cases and key players

Facts About 1NCE Automotive Customers

  • Represent 13% of 1NCE customer base

  • Used in 97 countries

  • Supported 83 large deployments so far

  • Typical deployment size 5-50k

Facts About 1NCE Automotive Customers

  • Represent 13% of 1NCE customer base

  • Used in 97 countries

  • Supported 83 large deployments so far

  • Typical deployment size 5-50k

The automotive industry is rapidly evolving in the era of the Internet of Things (IoT), just like many other sectors. In a recent report by Transforma Insights, it was revealed that the connected car industry is poised for significant growth, with an estimated 2.5 billion connections projected by 2030. 

This prominence is due to the large number of mobile, high-bandwidth cellular connections within the connected car space. The high relevance of the automotive sector for IoT is also reflected in the 1NCE customer base. Out of the 18,000 customers we serve today over 13% are from the automotive sector. which are based in 39 countries, including the US, Italy, Germany, France, the UK, and other markets. Additionally, we see material evidence of the global character of IoT use cases in automotive based on the fact that our customers are using the 1NCE service in more than 91 countries worldwide. 

Automotive & IoT Use Cases 

Explore common IoT use cases in the automotive industry and their brief descriptions in the table below: 

Use Case 


Dash Cams 

Aftermarket in-vehicle cameras are used to record vehicle interiors or exteriors, primarily for documenting evidence in case of road accidents. 


A versatile system with applications in fleet management, usage-based insurance, entertainment, stolen vehicle recovery, and navigation. It enables vehicles to connect and communicate through both aftermarket and factory-fit connectivity for various purposes. 

In-Vehicle Infotainment 

Involves connected aftermarket devices that enhance functions on e-bikes, bicycles, e-scooters, and scooters, offering entertainment and additional features for riders. 

In-Vehicle Navigation 

Implies connected navigation services that provide turn-by-turn guidance to vehicle occupants, helping them navigate to their destinations. 

Usage-Based Insurance 

Calculate premiums based on vehicle usage and driving behavior. Insurers gather data through telematics devices to offer personalized insurance rates. 

Vehicle Diagnostics 

Entail monitoring a vehicle's operation and health by collecting data on performance and condition to identify maintenance needs and issues. 

Vehicle Head Unit 

A vehicle head unit is an integrated factory-fitted onboard unit that offers various connected car services. It serves as the central interface for vehicle-related functions and data. 

Road Traffic Monitoring & Control 

Involves connections to buses, especially public transport vehicles, and encompasses monitoring and controlling road traffic. It includes features like road condition monitoring, congestion charging, and traffic volume monitoring. 

EV Charging 

Applies to public infrastructure for electric vehicle charging and includes systems for security and safety enhancement, such as gunshot detection and location identification, in public spaces. 

Customers Talk 

To understand the real-world impact of IoT in the automotive industry, let's dive into some success stories and hear what customers have to say. 

Want to know more about IoT success stories? Explore the Customer Insights

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