Remote Vehicle Diagnostics & IoT

Ensuring vehicle reliability is the major driver of telematics and vehicle diagnostics, as the early detection and prevention of costly issues can be an appealing feature for many consumers. Consequently, maintaining a reputation for producing dependable vehicles will motivate manufacturers to embrace the feature or collaborate with independent manufacturers. Berg Insight states that in 2021, the global aftermarket telematics hardware, including vehicle diagnostics, market saw sales of over 42.0 million devices valued at approximately €2.2 billion. 

With over 13% of our customers being from the automotive sector, we work with telematics and vehicle diagnostics projects globally. Let’s dive deeper into the vehicle diagnostics market, vendors, and applications. 

Vehicle Diagnostics Vendors and the Market

Based on Berg Insight research, in 2021 Asia-Pacific led with 16.8 million telematics/vehicle diagnostics device shipments, followed by Europe and North America with 10.3 million and 9.3 million, respectively. Berg Insight anticipates a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.6, resulting in a total of 72.8 million aftermarket telematics devices by 2026. 







Octo Telematics


Procon Analytics

Targa Telematics

Vodafone Automotive


PassTime GPS


Note: The list makes no claim to completeness.      

Vehicle Diagnostics Applications

Using IoT for vehicle diagnostics enables several applications:

Application Description 
Fault Monitoring Continuous monitoring of vehicle systems to identify and report faults, issues, or potential breakdowns in real-time. 
Remote Diagnostics Enabling remote access to vehicle diagnostics to assist in troubleshooting and resolving issues without physical presence. 
Vehicle Health Reports Generating comprehensive reports on vehicle health, including engine, battery, and component conditions. 
Telematics Solutions Offering integrated systems that provide data on location, vehicle speed, driver behavior, and more for various applications. 
Fleet Management and Tracking Monitoring and managing a fleet of vehicles for logistics, maintenance, driver behavior, and route optimization. 
OBD-II Devices Plugging into a vehicle's OBD-II port to read and report diagnostic information, often used by home mechanics. 

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