Hospital Monitoring & IoT

The lack of healthcare personnel is a growing concern nowadays, with over 9 million nurses needed by the end of 2030 according to World Health Organization. Clinical environment patient or hospital monitoring is a logical step in tracking patient health status with the help of solutions like Telemedicine Intensive Care Unit, as well as preventing in-hospital falls. We at 1NCE are sure that healthcare industry and in-hospital monitoring have a high relevance to IoT: 250+ of our customers are from Healthcare, with a growing demand for clinical monitoring solutions. 

Hospital Monitoring Vendors

The major hardware players in clinical patient monitoring include the following:






Stanley Healthcare 

United States


United States

GE Healthcare 

United States

Siemens Healthineers 


Schneider Electric 


Johnson Controls 

United States


United States

Spacelabs Healthcare 

United States



Note: The list makes no claim to completeness.    

In-Hospital Monitoring Applications

Below we would like to share a list of applications related to inpatient monitoring:



Remote ICU Monitoring (Tele-ICU) Continuous monitoring of ICU patients' vital signs, enabling instant medical assistance and improving care. 
Staff and Patient Tracking in Hospitals Real-time tracking of healthcare staff and patients in hospitals, reducing response times and enhancing care. 
Bedside Patient Monitoring Continuous vital sign monitoring using smart beds with instant alerts for health abnormalities in patients. 
Assisted Living Solutions IoT systems for senior-living, ensuring safety, independence, and swift response to emergencies in care. 
Cardiac Rhythm Management Clinical monitoring and management of cardiac rhythms for patients with heart conditions. 
Blood Pressure Monitoring Real-time tracking of patients' blood pressure within different environments, including clinical settings, aiding hypertension management. 
Coagulation Monitoring Continuous monitoring of blood coagulation levels, vital for anticoagulant therapy. 
Sleep Therapy Monitoring Optimization of sleep therapy for patients with sleep disorders. 
Blood Oxygen Monitoring Continuous monitoring of patient blood oxygen levels, crucial for respiratory and critical care. 
Airflow Monitoring Monitoring patients' airflow in clinical environments, essential for those with respiratory conditions or mechanical ventilation. 
Glucose Level Monitoring Continuous monitoring of patients' glucose levels, critical for diabetes management. 
Medication Compliance Monitoring Ensuring patient adherence to medication regimens, improving treatment effectiveness. 
Connected Automated External Defibrillators Smart defibrillators connected for real-time assistance in emergencies, enhancing life-saving interventions. 
Clinical Trials Conducting clinical trials with IoT and connected devices, improving data collection and research in clinical environments. 
eHealth Using digital technologies for healthcare services and management, enhancing care delivery. 

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