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Our 1NCE offers are simple and straightforward. However, questions can certainly arise here and there. Therefore we have already compiled a list of your possible questions in order to provide you with an answer as quickly as possible. If you couldn’t find the answers to your questions in our FAQ, feel free to contact us via our contact form and one of our 1NCE staff will respond to your request as soon as possible.

How can we help?

How to pay for my order?

There are two payment methods offered in the order process:
The SEPA bank transfer, or SWIFT* bank transfer and credit card.
When choosing the SEPA/SWIFT* transfer, the customer receives an invoice by e-mail, to be paid within 14 days. When paying by credit card, the complete order value is booked directly from the credit card indicated, but not exceeding 10,000.00 Euro. As soon as the payment has been booked at 1NCE, the shipping of the ordered cards will be arranged.
The two payment methods offered are completely free of charge for the customer. Other payment options, such as SEPA mandate (direct debit), express bank transfer or instant payment are currently not yet offered.
* For customers from other EU countries

How can I purchase the 1NCE SIM cards with the ubirch sealing?

The 1NCE Sales Team will be happy to support you with your first order of the 1NCE Blockchain-on-a-SIM product and is also happy to advise you. Please use the contact form on 1NCE.com .

Do I also have to sign a contract with ubirch for Blockchain functionality?

Yes, the Blockchain-on-a-SIM solution is an additional product to the 1NCE IoT Lifetime Flat and is not included in the standard price. To use this additional product a contract with ubirch GmbH is necessary. The 1NCE Sales Team will be happy to support you with your first order and will of course be available to advise you. Please use the contact form on 1NCE.com .

Can I use 1NCE For All as a private individual?

The 1NCE For All product, just like the 1NCE IoT Lifetime Flat, is only available to business customers.

Why do I have to provide a VAT ID for a sub-organization as well?

In terms of accounting, and thus also for tax purposes, a sub-organization and master organization are treated in the same way. Therefore, a valid VAT ID must also be provided for the sub-organization. The same VAT ID can be entered for the sub-organization as for the master organization if billing addresses are identical.

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