What Does ICCID Mean?

ICCID stands for Integrated Circuit Card Identification and enables Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) to set up the appropriate network connection for the subscribers. Each SIM card possesses a unique ICCID, which is also called a SIM card number. The ICCID comprises a sequence of 18 to 22 digits, delineated into four distinct sets of numbers. Typically, the initial two digits are denoted by "89," signifying telecommunications networks. The subsequent 1-6 digits denote the country code designated by the International Telecommunications Union. Following that, the subsequent 1-4 digits are the mobile network code, corresponding to the specific MNO. The rest of the digits are unique to each SIM card. 

Where to Find the ICCID? 

To locate the ICCID, consult the settings menu of most smartphones or cellular-enabled devices. On iOS (iPhone), navigate to "Settings" > "General" > "About" and scroll down to find the ICCID. On Android devices, the ICCID is generally found under "Settings" > "About phone" or "About device." Additionally, the original SIM card packaging usually bears the ICCID on the card itself or the packaging. 

What Are the Major Functions of ICCID? 

  • SIM Card Identification 

  • Device Authentication 

  • Subscriber Management Device

  • Provisioning and Activation SIM

  • Lifecycle Management 

  • Troubleshooting and Support  

ICCID, IMSI, and IMEI: What’s the Difference?  

ICCID, IMSI, and IMEI are distinct identifiers within the cellular ecosystem. While the ICCID identifies the SIM card, the IMSI identifies the subscriber, and the IMEI identifies the device itself. IMSI, or International Mobile Subscriber Identity, stored on the SIM card, consists of 15 digits and is associated with a list of authorized networks for the subscriber. IMEI, or International Mobile Equipment Identity, is a unique 15-digit serial number assigned to each mobile device, aiding in device identification and enabling the blocking of lost or stolen devices via a worldwide IMEI database. 

ICCID and eUICC Capability 

With eUICC technology, ICCID plays a vital role in the remote provisioning process by serving as an identifier to associate the SIM card with appropriate profiles and subscriptions provided by different MNOs. This ensures the correct assignment of service profiles to the desired SIM card during remote provisioning. Each eUICC profile can have its own ICCID, facilitating identification and selection of the desired profile for connectivity. 

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