IoT in Precision Agriculture

Berg Insight's analysis indicates that the comprehensive market worth of precision agriculture solutions stood at €2.7 billion in 2020. With a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.8 percent, it is anticipated that the market value will attain €3.7 billion by the year 2025. This is explained by a steady increase of demand for price monitoring devices due to their ability to increase crop yields, enhance productivity, and improve resource efficiency through data-driven decision-making. The high relevance of IoT is obvious for 1NCE: as we work with more than 1200 consumers in Agriculture, we can see the number of precision agriculture use cases involving IoT is raising fast within different regions globally, such as the US, UK, Chile, Germany, Denmark, Malaysia, Japan and South Korea.  

Major Vendors in Precision Agriculture

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GEA Group 

Global (Headquarters in Germany)  


Global (Headquarters in the Netherlands)  


Global (Headquarters in the United States)  


Global (Headquarters in Sweden)  





Note: The list makes no claim to completeness.    

Applications withing the Use Case 

The Crop Monitoring use case may apply to the following aspects:



Livestock Tracking 

RFID and GPS tags on livestock enable tracking, monitoring health, and optimizing feeding and breeding schedules. 

Precision Irrigation 

IoT-controlled irrigation systems adjust water usage based on soil conditions and weather data, reducing waste and conserving resources. 

Smart Pest Management 

Automated traps and monitoring systems detect pests, allowing targeted interventions instead of widespread chemical use. 

Automated Equipment 

IoT-enabled tractors and machinery optimize farming operations by autonomously plowing, seeding, and harvesting crops. 

Crop Yield Prediction 

Machine learning and IoT data help forecast crop yields, enabling better planning, resource allocation, and market decisions. 

Supply Chain Tracking 

IoT sensors track the movement and condition of crops from the field to the market, ensuring quality and reducing losses. 

Farm Security 

IoT cameras, alarms, and motion sensors enhance security by monitoring farms for unauthorized access or theft. 

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