Crop Monitoring Using IoT

According to Statista, the projected market size for crop monitoring through sensing and imagery technology was approximately $385.6 million in 2021 and is anticipated to grow to $779.2 million by the year 2027. Utilizing crop monitoring and management techniques can result in substantial reductions in both power and water usage while simultaneously boosting crop yields, which explains the growth of specific agriculture equipment and IoT connectivity used within crop monitoring application. There’s an obvious relevance of IoT to Crop Monitoring. As we work with more than 1200 consumers from Agriculture, we can track that the number of crop monitoring use cases is expanding within different regions globally, such as the US, UK, Chile, Germany, Denmark, Malaysia, Japan and South Korea.

Crop Monitoring Equipment Vendors 

Find out more about the leading crop control device vendors: 


Geo Location 


John Deere 

United States


United States

AGCO Corporation 

United States

Topcon Corporation 


Raven Industries 

United States

Climate Corporation 

United States 

SST Development Group 

United States



DICKEY-john Corporation 

United States



DJI Agriculture 


Sino-Agri United 




Ag Leader Technology 

United States

Agrovista UK 

United Kingdom 

Note: The list makes no claim to completeness.    

Applications withing the Use Case 

The Crop Monitoring use case may apply to the following aspects:



Soil Health Monitoring 

Utilizing IoT sensors to assess soil conditions, including moisture, nutrient levels, and pH, to optimize planting and fertilization. 

Weather Forecasting 

Integrating IoT weather data to make informed decisions on irrigation, pest control, and harvesting schedules. 

Crop Yield Prediction 

Using data analytics and IoT sensors to forecast crop yields, helping with resource allocation and market planning. 

Pest and Disease Control 

Monitoring and early detection of pests and diseases through IoT sensors and data analysis to prevent crop damage. 

Precision Irrigation 

Employing IoT and data-driven systems to control water usage, ensuring optimal irrigation and resource efficiency. 

Remote Sensing 

Using IoT-connected satellite or drone imagery to monitor crop health, detect issues, and make data-driven decisions. 

Crop Scouting 

Field-level monitoring using IoT-connected drones and sensors to identify issues and take proactive measures. 

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