IoT Integrator

At a glance

  • Simply push device telemetry data into your cloud

  • Data flow in near real time

  • UDP, CoAP, Lightweight M2M, HTTPS Webhooks and AWS IoT Core support

  • Perfect match for constrained devices (LPWA, NB-IoT, LTE-M), compatible with all network access types (2G, 3G, 4G)

The IoT Challenge

Companies must choose which data protocols are best and ensure support over every device’s lifetime. However, protocols used on the device side (UDP, CoAP, Lightweight M2M) are often incompatible with protocols used on the cloud side (HTTPS, MQTT). This often forces product manufacturers to either make insufficient design decisions or build workarounds that don't contribute to their core business.

Our Solution

The IoT Integrator brings IT and OT together by effortlessly translating data protocols. All telemetry data (such as sensor values, error codes or geographical positions) gets pushed into your cloud using typical, industry-standard protocols.

There are two aspects to the integrator: the device and the cloud side.

Device Side

On the device side, connect devices using raw UDP for the most basic integration. If you require more possibilities, go with CoAP or Lightweight M2M. Both come with optional DTLS encryption for state-of-the-art security. Our open-sourced embedded device examples get you up and running in no time.

Cloud Side

Connecting your backend system simply requires one HTTPS Webhook endpoint (compatible with all cloud providers and data centers) or an AWS IoT Core instance that 1NCE natively connects to before data flows in near real time. Just configure everything straight from the 1NCE customer portal.

See Also

The Open Environment Promise

  • All your data belongs to you

  • Open industry standards for easy migration

  • Compatible with other vendors

How to Use

  1. Connect your devices to IoT integrator using UDP, CoAP or LwM2M

  2. Connect your cloud services using HTTPS Webhooks or AWS IoT Core

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