IoT Device Locator

Constant device geopositioning without GPS

The IoT Challenge

Companies need to know where their devices are geographically located (e.g., for asset or security checks). The traditional approach would be the Global Positioning System (GPS). The challenge: It drives up production costs and drains battery levels quickly. Also, GPS requires line-of-sight, meaning devices inside buildings or other containments cannot be located. Since precise accuracy is not required for many business cases, an alternative to GPS is required.

At a glance
  • Own all location data

  • Position your devices without GPS, using cellular technology

  • Real-time localization at city or district level

  • Location tracking up to 7 days

Our Solution

1NCE is a cellular network operator, this allows us to leverage the power of our network to identify your devices’ location – without GPS. Additionally, we store the location history of devices for up to 7 days, so you don’t have to.

Your device is already connected to the 1NCE cellular network via a nearby cell tower. We provide the cell tower location in accordance with local governmental or organizational data privacy regulations.

Cell tower localization is perfectly suitable if you simply need approximate location data.

Our solution also works perfectly as add-on to GPS. In this case, you can send your existing positioning data to the Device Locator, which makes it available alongside the cell-based position data.

How it works

Your device is connected to our network. We know the location of the cell tower your device is using. We share this information with you because it's your data.


Position your devices without modifications to the hardware or firmware.

Good to know

Device Locator can also be used as a fallback for existing GPS functionality.

How to use

  • Connect device to the 1NCE network

  • Optional: Send your own position data from GPS

  • Receive location data via API or 1NCE customer portal

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