Cutting CO2 emissions with 1NCE low-power IoT network

In dense urban areas, the curb is a vital but often misused space. Various types of vehicles, such as cars, bikes, scooters, delivery vans, and even garbage trucks, vie for the same limited curb space, leading to traffic chaos and delayed deliveries. In mid-sized and large cities, 20% of cars are constantly searching for parking, and it takes an average of 20 minutes for a driver to find a parking spot. Therefore, smart curb management is vital to alleviate traffic congestion and reduce CO2 emissions. By deploying their AIoT solution with 1NCE IoT connectivity and software, Cocoparks complements its curb management solution with accurate data communication, enabling cities to make data-driven decisions. 

cocoparks and 1NCE
Project Details
Industry: Smart City
Technology: 4G,LTE-M
Location: Globally

Cocoparks is a French company, founded in 2020, offering an innovative AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things) solution at its core, which includes the curb management platform and Cocospots – small detectors designed for easy installation on lampposts. They employ low-energy AI analysis, executed entirely within the device. This approach ensures data privacy while enabling the detection of curb and parking events. It is plug-and-play with a SaaS platform to steer and manage the curb in real time and with mobile apps. 


Cocospots require a consistent wireless connection to transmit data from Cocospots to their central platform, with the primary goal being congestion and CO2 reduction. Simultaneously, due to the sensitive nature of curb and parking event data, privacy is a significant concern, and security regulations pertaining to this data should be met in every EU region and city. 

1NCE Solution
The integration of Cocoparks with 1NCE enables cities to minimize congestion by 10%, decrease CO2 emissions by 10%, and reduce double-parking hazards by 64%. 1NCE IoT connectivity and software ensures that Coco Spots stay connected, even in challenging urban environments with potential signal interference, ensuring uninterrupted data flow within 4G/LTE-M energy-saving technology. In addition, the data remains private and secure without the need to transmit it over public networks. Cocoparks already manages hundreds of endpoints with 1NCE across several cities in France such as Saint Denis de la Réunion, Sens, Bayonne, Saint Joseph, and Levallois Perret, and plans to extend to Europe. 1NCE provides extensive coverage to enable functioning in diverse geographic locations, regardless of the region. 
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