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In mid-sized and large cities, over 20% of cars are constantly searching for parking spaces, and it takes an average of 20 minutes for a driver to find a parking spot. For instance, Europe faces the deficit of 400,000 parking spaces, while China faces an estimated shortage of 80 million parking spots. This growing challenge is intensified by the high rate of vehicle ownership and a shortage of available parking spots, which results in extended search times, higher urban congestion, time wastage, and increased emissions. IoT adoption within parking and curb management has become a logical response to the above challenges. 1NCE works with 1000+ customers from the Smart City sector, and we are eager to cooperate with new Smart Parking and Curb Management projects worldwide. 

The IoT Market of Smart Parking

According to Berg Insight, by 2025, this number is expected to surge to 2.5 million smart ground parking sensors installed worldwide. Europe held the lion's share of these installed sensors, constituting approximately 55%, while North America and other parts of the world accounted for about 188,000 and 241,000 sensors, respectively. At the close of 2020, the top players in this market were Nedap, Smart Parking, and Urbiotica. 

Learn more about smart parking vendors: 



Product Offered 


Streetline Networks 

United States 

Smart parking solutions, sensor technology

T2 Systems 

United States 

Parking management solutions and technology

Flowbird Group 


Smart parking technology and management systems

IPS Group 

United States 

Smart parking meters and payment solutions


United States 

Parking enforcement solutions and technology

ParkHelp Technologies 

United States 

Parking guidance solutions and outdoor sensors

Cleverciti Systems 


Smart parking technology, sensors, and analytics



Vehicle identification and smart ground sensors



Sensor-based solutions for smart mobility



IT hardware technologies and smart parking solutions

Onesitu (Circet) 


Smart wireless parking sensor solutions

Smart Parking 


Smart parking solutions, sensors, and management


United States 

Geomagnetic sensors and smart parking sensor solutions

Smart Parking IoT Applications

IoT (Internet of Things) enablement within parking systems can be exemplified by the following applications:



Vehicle Detection

Detecting the presence of vehicles in parking spaces and transferring this data in real-time to parking management systems. 

Space Availability/Curb Management 

Providing real-time data on available parking spaces, helping drivers locate and reserve parking spots. 

Payment Systems 

Automated payments through mobile apps or RFID cards. 

Reservation Systems 

Pre-booking of parking spaces, availability upon arrival, and reducing congestion. 

Parking Guidance 

Guiding drivers to open parking spaces through digital signs and mobile app integration. 

Security and Surveillance 

Security enhancement with IoT-enabled cameras and sensors, with monitoring parking areas and alerting authorities to any issues.  

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