IoT Azure Stream Analytics

Azure Stream Analytics is a managed cloud-based stream processing engine by Microsoft Azure, which operates as a Platform as a Service (PaaS) without the need for users to manage underlying hardware or infrastructure. This service is designed for the analysis and processing of large volumes of streaming data with sub-millisecond latencies.

Major Constituents of the Platform

  • Azure Stream Analytics Engine

  • Azure Portal

  • Development Tools (Azure PowerShell, Azure CLI, Stream Analytics Visual Studio tools, Stream Analytics Visual Studio Code extension, Azure Resource Manager templates)

Major Functions and Goals

  • Analyze and process large volumes of streaming data with sub-millisecond latencies.

  • Identify patterns and relationships in data from various sources like applications, devices, sensors, clickstreams, and social media feeds.

  • Trigger actions and workflows, such as creating alerts, feeding information to reporting tools, or storing transformed data.

  • Support real-time analytics scenarios, including anomaly detection, geospatial analytics, and event-driven applications.

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