Azure IoT Edge

Azure IoT Edge as a part of Azure IoT Hub, a device-focused runtime provided by Microsoft that improves the deployment, execution, and monitoring of containerized Linux workloads. This runtime allows businesses to use cloud analytics closer to their devices, enabling better insights and offline decision-making. With Azure IoT Edge, you can run analytics at the edge, respond quickly to emergencies, and optimize data transfer to the cloud.

  • IoT Edge Modules

Docker-compatible containers running business logic at the edge. They communicate, creating a data processing pipeline. Pre-built Azure services or custom modules can be utilized for offline insights.

  • IoT Edge Runtime

This runs on each IoT Edge device, managing modules, handling installations and updates, maintaining security, ensuring module continuity, reporting health to the cloud, and managing communication between devices and the cloud.

  • Cloud Interface

A cloud-based interface for remote monitoring and management of IoT Edge devices. It offers centralized control of workloads, deployment, and field device monitoring.

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