IoT & Smart Water Metering

The primary driving force behind the growing number of smart water meter installations is the water scarcity concern, which implies high water consumption, water losses, and leakage issues. Another compelling factor is the ability of smart water meters to monitor and diagnose water usage patterns in residential, commercial, and industrial settings, while also providing detailed cost tracking for resource management. According to Transforma Insights, here will be approximately 700 million smart water meters deployed worldwide by 2030. 

With over 21% of our clients being from the utility sector, we are actively involved in water metering projects worldwide. Learn more about smart water metering market and IoT technology involved as well as specific applications for the devices. 

Leading Smart Water Meter Vendors

As demand for water conservation is growing, more utility companies and institutions are adopting smart metering solutions, with a growing number of them based on the IoT technology. Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and Automated Meter Reading (AMR) markets in Europe and North America are primarily served by local or regional players. Some of them include:




North America 

Sensus (Xylem)


Badger Meter




Aclara (Hubbell)   


Neptune Technology Group (Roper Technologies)   


Diehl Metering   


Birdz (Veolia)   



Major Applications within Water Metering

IoT connected smart meters can offer a wide range of applications in water management, from monitoring water consumption to detecting leaks:



Water Consumption Monitoring Continuous water consumption data collection and its transmission in real-time to centralized systems for remote monitoring of usage patterns and trends without manual intervention. 
Leak Detection Utilizing flow monitoring and pressure sensors to detect abnormal flow patterns and immediate notifications. 
Water Conservation Based on the gathered water data, specific water conservation measures based on real-time data are implemented. 
Billing Accuracy Ensuring that customers are billed based on their actual consumption, minimizing disputes. 
Pressure Management Monitoring water pressure within the distribution network, preventing infrastructure damage. 

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