IoT & Smart Gas Metering

With concerns related to gas consumption, resource management, and environmental impact, the role of IoT-based smart meters in monitoring and diagnosing gas usage patterns is constantly growing. The total count of smart gas meters is anticipated to grow from 156 million in 2020 to 456 million by the end of 2030, reflecting a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11%.  

With more than 21% of our customers coming from the utility sector, we actively engage in gas metering projects globally. Explore more about the leading smart gas meter vendors and applications below. 

Leading Smart Gas Meter Vendors

The smart gas meter market is primarily concentrated in regions such as China, North America, and Europe. This market segment is subject to substantial regulatory oversight, often mandated by local government entities or energy providers. Deployments of smart gas meters are typically initiated by local utility providers and are limited to countries with established gas pipeline infrastructures. In contrast, many Southeast Asian countries and African nations have a limited number of smart gas meter installations due to the absence of piped natural gas (PNG) infrastructure and a preference for gas cylinders. 




Landis + Gyr 

Switzerland and 30 countries 


United States and globally

Elster Group 


Aptor Group 

Poland, European Union, UK

Diehl Metering 

Germany and worldwide


Global, with a focus on Italy and the UK


United States and globally


Germany and worldwide


United States and globally

Wasion Group 

China and global markets

Clou Electronics 

China and international markets 

Landis + Gyr 

Switzerland and 30 countries

IoT and Gas Meters: Applications

The Crop Monitoring use case may apply to the following aspects:



Remote Monitoring Providing real-time data on gas consumption, allowing utilities to monitor usage remotely.  
Leak Detection Detection of gas leaks and alert utilities in real-time.  
Predictive Maintenance Gas meters equipped with IoT sensors can monitor their own health. 
Consumption Analytics Collecting detailed usage data, enabling utilities to analyze consumption patterns.   
Fraud Detection Tampering or unauthorized gas connections. Fraud detection and prevention, saving utilities money and ensuring fair billing. 
Prepaid Gas Services With IoT, utilities can offer prepaid gas services. Customers can monitor and manage their consumption in real-time. 
Environmental Monitoring Measuring and reporting emissions, contributing to environmental compliance and sustainability efforts.  
Integration with Smart Homes IoT gas meters can be integrated with smart home systems. This allows homeowners to monitor their gas usage, receive alerts, and automate gas-related tasks. 

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