All features of the 1NCE IoT Flat Rate at a glance

With the 1NCE IoT Flat Rate we have only one goal: to make your IoT project as easy as possible. With the 1NCE IoT Flat Rate, we offer an all-in-one IoT tariff that provides you with high quality plug&play IoT connectivity, coming with a one-time payment only. Here you see at one glance which features are included in the one-off price of the 1NCE IoT Flat Rate.

500 MB data volume

Your 1NCE IoT Flat Rate includes 500 MB data volume, which can be used within the tariff lifetime of 10 years. In case that the data volume should be used up earlier, you can easily add another 500 MB for 10 Euro at any time.

250 SMS

With your 1NCE IoT Flat Rate you can send a total of 250 SMS. These are Mobile Terminated (MT) or Mobile Originated (MO) SMS for communication between device and Connectivity Management Platform.

Global coverage in 100+ countries

With the 1NCE IoT Flat Rate you do not have to worry about roaming charges. You can use your IoT SIM card in over 100 countries worldwide without additional costs. You can find the supported countries and regions in our coverage map.

All mobile standards

Our IoT SIM cards support all mobile standards: 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE-M, NB-IoT and they are already 5G-ready. This ensures worldwide, seamless data transmission. Which radio standards are available in which countries and regions can be seen in the coverage map.

Connectivity Management Platform / Customer Portal

You can manage your IoT SIM cards easily via the 1NCE Connectivity Management Platform. Here you can view the status of your SIM cards at any time and make various technical settings. All information about the Connectivity Management Platform can also be found in our Tutorials & Documentations section.


In addition to the Connectivity Management Platform, you can also manage your SIM cards directly via REST API and integrate the SIM card management into your own systems. A comprehensive API documentation can be found under Tutorials & Documentations.


Connect your IoT / M2M devices to the mobile network via the 1NCE APN. Your connected devices receive a dedicated private IP address from the 1NCE network. A detailed documentation of the APN setup can be found under Tutorials & Documentations.


With the purchase of the 1NCE IoT Flat Rate you can set up an OpenVPN tunnel to establish a secure data channel between the 1NCE network and your own network via the Internet. All details about the OpenVPN configuration can be found under Tutorials & Documentations.

Data Streamer

With the Data Streamer you can retrieve event and usage data of your 1NCE SIM cards in real-time. You can transfer the data directly to your customer server or an already integrated cloud service like AWS Kinesis, DataDog or Keen.io. A documentation can be found here.

Connectivity Suite

The 1NCE IoT Connectivity Suite can be found within the 1NCE Connectivity Management Platform and simplifies IoT device management via the AWS Cloud. Thus IoT devices can be put into operation faster and easier. More about the 1NCE IoT Connectivity Suite can be found here.


As a 1NCE customer you benefit from comprehensive customer support for administrative and technical questions. Via the customer portal you can reach our customer service both in writing and by telephone. Otherwise, please feel free to visit our Self-Service in the Help Center or the FAQs at any time.


All of these features are included for 10 EUR per SIM card. Learn more about our transparent and simple pricing model or purchase your 1NCE IoT SIM card directly in our 1NCE Shop.