1NCE OS powerful Software Tools
for Your IoT Solution

Single-Purpose Tools

Our easy-to-integrate building blocks assist you throughout the connected product lifecycle. 1NCE OS only offers solutions for issues everyone will face when building or maintaining IoT products.

Only features which are really required must be integrated.

Open Environment – No Vendor Lock-In

All data belongs to you. Feel free to use other vendors next to us. We embrace open industry standards and open source.

Our spec-compliant use of protocols (i.e. Lightweight-M2M) provide an easy way out, if required.

Get Started


1NCE OS single-purpose IoT tools are ready to use. Try one of the copy & paste examples and explore our API documentation.

Solution Architect

The modular architecture guarantees scalable and reliable services. Learn how easily 1NCE solutions harmonize with your infrastructure.

Decision Maker

1NCE OS included within the 1NCE Lifetime Flat – no extra fees or hidden costs.

Buy the 1NCE IoT Lifetime Flat now!

Visit the 1NCE Shop and start connecting your IoT devices easily. Simply order your SIM cards, choose the desired type of SIM card and fill out all required forms. After the payment has been approved you get your cards within two to three business days.