1NCE IoT SIM Data Volume

500 MB Data Volume included

Our feature for your IoT project

The 1NCE IoT Lifetime Flat offers you global connectivity for your IoT project for 10 Euro over a period of 10 years. This package includes a data volume of 500 MB with up to 1 Mbit/s; more than enough data for most IoT applications. Thus, the 1NCE IoT Lifetime Flat offers you calculable costs for the entire duration of your IoT project, without unexpected fees.

Advantages of 500 MB Data Volume


Usage period of 10 years


Transparent total costs without unexpected fees


Enough data volume for most common IoT applications

Full power

Data transmission speed of up to 1 Mbit/s


Top-up of 500 MB and 250 SMS possible at any time for 10 Euro


Clear data management via our 1NCE customer portal


Auto-Top-Up feature enables automatic top-up at 80% of data volume consumption

Full control

Determine data consumption, if desired, by setting limits


All-round worry-free with 500 MB and 1 Mbit/s

IoT devices usually consume only small amounts of data, but over a long period of time. As such, we offer our 1NCE IoT Lifetime Flat with the right amount of data for a period of ten years, so that your IoT device always stays connected. In most use cases, 500 MB of data volume is sufficient for the entire lifetime of an IoT device. If your application requires more data volume, this is also not a problem. You can top up at any time on our 1NCE customer portal for 10 euros again to add another 500 MB and 250 SMS. Alternatively, you can use the auto-top-up feature if you wish. This means that the top-up is carried out automatically as soon as 80% of data volume has been consumed. The data volume used or still available can be viewed at any time on our 1NCE customer portal. Quite transparent, quite simple.
How is my data volume calculated/measured?
The benchmark for measuring the available data volume of 500 MB is 1 kByte.
What happens once the data volume of 500 MB has been used up?
If a SIM card has used the included volume of 500 MB before the activation period of 10 years is up, it remains activated for a maximum of 18 months from that point on. During this time, the customer has the option to purchase another data volume of 500 MB for another 10 EUR. If the customer does not book additional data within these 18 months, the SIM card is automatically deactivated by the system when the eighteenth month is up.
Is it possible to book additional volumes (top-up)?
Purchasing additional data is possible, and it’s very easy. Once the 500 MB included in the 1NCE IoT Lifetime Flat have been used up, you can simply purchase another 500 MB for 10 euros (net). The new volume is available as soos as the payment is registered at 1NCE. The activation period of 10 years remains the same. For each SIM card reaching 80% of the volume included in the 1NCE IoT Lifetime Flat (500 MB), you will automatically be notified of this, including the option to book an additional 500 MB.

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