SIM for alarm systems

All you need to

connect your security solution


  • 500 MB and 250 SMS*
  • Multi-bearer SIM
  • Coverage in 100+ countries
  • 10 years connectivity
  • All necessary features included


10 Dollars (one-time payment)


* Only the sending and receiving of text messages between devices and server is supported.

Suitable for various security alarm systems

Burglar alarm systems

Home security solutions allow you to protect your home even in your absence. Burglar alarms can be sent via the cellular network. Smart cameras also allow you to receive video surveillance images on your mobile device from anywhere.
Please note that 1NCE IoT Flat Rate is a data and SMS plan, it does not support voice calls, CSD traffic or the use of dialers.

Fire alarm systems

Connecting fire alarm systems facilitates rapid alarm forwarding via the mobile network. NB-IoT mobile radio technology is particularly suitable for this use case, as it has a high penetration in buildings. This ensures reliable network connections to the fire alarm system even in basements.

GPS tracker for theft protection

GPS trackers can be used to locate valuable assets such as cars and motorbikes at any time and secure them against theft. They allow remote monitoring of vehicles. In the event of theft, an alarm is sent. Trackting, a 1NCE customer, specialises in such anti-theft systems for cars and motorbikes based on 1NCE connectivity.


1NCE IoT Flat Rate

The 1NCE IoT Flat Rate is a suitable offer to connect your security and anti-theft devices. The 1NCE IoT Flat Rate is a data and SMS plan, it does not support voice calls, CSD traffic or the use of dialers. Data collected by your hardware can be reliably transmitted to your software. The proposed pricing model facilitates scalability: The IoT SIM Card Business costs $10 to pay at the time of purchase and has no other additional costs or recurring fees. This cost allows your devices to connect to the network for a period of 10 years. The 10 dollar fee includes everything you need: SIM card, 500 MB data volume, 250 SMS, APN, OpenVPN, Connectivity Management Platform, Customer Service.


Offered SIM card formats

The standard offering includes a 3-in-1 IoT SIM Card Business. Depending on the application, the SIM card can be used in the form factors 2FF, 3FF or 4FF. Alternatively, the 1NCE IoT Flat Rate can be purchased as an IoT SIM Chip Industrial for a surcharge of 2 Dollars. This is a MFF2 Form Factor SIM Chip. You can find out more about the specifications of the SIM cards in the 1NCE Developer Hub.

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