Waste Management

Enabling smarter cities and cleaner factories

Smart bins are among the building blocks of every smart city. Connecting your bins and dumpsters to the IoT, allows you to monitor and optimize the frequency of waste pickups and thereby helps municipalities and disposal companies to reduce traffic, noise and congestion, fight illegal dumping and meet sustainability goals. But beyond municipal waste disposal even greater potential exists for IoT-based solutions in the area of industrial waste management, especially in the area of wastewater and hazardous waste disposal.

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Your way to a smarter waste management:

1. Define your connectivity goals:

Adding IoT connectivity to your waste management operations creates new opportunities for your company to enhance your services, improve business processes and ensure environmental protection and safety. Explore how IoT connectivity can energize your business:


Reduce fuel costs, traffic and environmental impact through on improving scheduling and optimizing truck routes based position and fill level data.

Prevent overflow and reduce unnecessary visits through smart fill-level sensors that communicates when your disposal bins and tanks are full.

Improve compliance with environmental regulations for the disposal of hazardous materials through more accurate collection and traceability of your waste.

2. Waste Management solutions

Traditional waste management solutions often suffer from connectivity issues, posing obstacles to your business processes. The 1NCE IoT Lifetime Flat provides you with best in class IoT connectivity – specially designed to fit best your waste management solution, including features like:


Low power consumption of modern licensed LPWA modules ensuring long battery lifetimes and maintenance intervals, thereby reducing your maintenance and operating costs.

Unrivalled low prices of € 10 for 10 years of connectivity enabling you to run your waste management solution at a profitable level.

Easy-to-understand pricing model with one tariff only making it easier for you to get control over a big number of connected devices.

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