SWAN 2: The versatile NB-IoT gateway

The Landau-based company WEPTECH has been active in the production of high-quality electronic components since 1994 and specializes in the development of novel technologies and systems for wireless communication. Here the focus lies on the production & development of certified radio systems, antenna development but also own products. In these areas WEPTECH elektronik GmbH today holds a leading role. The company offers hard- & software solutions for wM-Bus/OMS, M-Bus, Mioty and Thread technologies as well as complex solutions with mobile radio technology from 2G over 4G up to NB-IoT.

With the NB-IoT gateway "SWAN 2" , the company has developed a battery-powered gateway that can connect up to 100 wireless M-Bus devices directly to the mobile network. The gateway collects data from sensors such as those used in the fields of Smart Building, Smart Home or Smart Farming/Agriculture.


Project Details
Technology: NB-IoT
Location: DACH

The SWAN 2 gateway is primarily designed for use in buildings. Special focus is the flexible and fast deployment without the need for additional cabling for power supply or data transmission. With its versatile interfaces, it is also particularly suitable for retrofitting existing systems such as electricity meters, boilers or pumps.


The gateway is battery-operated and should communicate directly and without detours - such as via an additional router - with the Internet. Anything else would mean additional effort and costs in hardware and installation work. Although the expected data volume is low, the device will have to work with the internal battery for several years. In addition, the location often requires high building penetration, as it is usually installed in cellars or similarly constructed rooms. For all these reasons, wired data lines or other common radio protocols are not an option.

1NCE Solution

For the SWAN 2 gateway, NB-IoT is the ideal way for energy-saving data transfer to the cloud. With the 1NCE IoT Lifetime Flat the WEPTECH elektronik GmbH has found the right mobile communication solution for NB-IoT based devices. For a one-time fee of 10 Dollars, 1NCE offers 10 years of connectivity, ideally over the entire life cycle of the gateway. 1NCE currently supports NB-IoT in Germany and China. During the 10 year term, 500 MB data volume and 250 SMS are already included. If required, data volume & SMS can be renewed for another 10 Dollars.

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