Remote monitoring of beehives thanks to the 1NCE IoT FlexSIM cards

The Greek-based company Melissozygaria has developed electronic beescales that allow beekeepers to track the location of their bees, receive alerts and information about the weather and honey production conditions. “Alertbee”, the solution supporting these electronic beescales acts as a GPS for beehives, increasing the effectiveness of the business. Melissozygaria integrates the 1NCE Lifetime Fee cards to connect the beescales to the Alertbee platform and provide monitoring solutions to their customers.

Project Details
Technology: 2G,3G
Location: Globally

Melissozygaria was founded in 2017 in Ioannina, north-western Greece. The company counts with the appropriate certificates to produce the beescales and has set procedures and quality standards for all their production phases. The electronic beescales consist of beehive scales in H shapes, connected through wires to the mother board in the central device of the scales. The conception, production, assembling and parameterization of the beescales take place in-house. The company’s pillars are based on the expertise of its staff, distributed across Melissozygaria’s laboratory, show room and administration spaces.


Melissozygaria developed a beehive remote monitoring solution for which it needed a suitable and feasible connectivity to cover the needs of beehive owners for a total supervision of their investment. The connectivity solution needed to transmit data on 2G and 3G standard due to its broad availability in rural areas.  

1NCE Solution

Melissozygaria has found in the 1NCE Lifetime Fee a connectivity solution that covers all requirements: coverage, radio standards, simplicity and costs. By integrating 1NCE IoT FlexSIM cards to the Alertbee, Melissozygaria allows its customers to minimize onsite visits to monitor the beehives production conditions. Thus, it represents a valuable tool providing essential and real-time information from the remote observation of the cells. 1NCE IoT FlexSIM cards have boosted Melissozygaria’s technology enabling the creation of a simple business model through the combination of IoT connectivity efficiency and beekeeping art.

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