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Smart Sustainability: IoT Leading the Way

IoT technology, with a particular focus on connectivity, is emerging as a powerful catalyst for sustainability transformation. Research conducted by Gartner, Transforma Insights, Berg Insight, and the US Department of Energy highlights its versatile contributions to environmental conservation. These contributions range from reduced CO2 emissions to water conservation achieved through remote management and analysis.

Charged Up: Understanding the EV Infrastructure Market and Its Role for IoT

The rapid growth of IoT-connected EV charging points is confirmed by the key research companies like Gartner, Berg Insight, and Counterpoint. Most key EV players in Europe, North America, and China, as discussed in this article, have either migrated to or initiated the integration of IoT technologies due to their increasing benefits.

Data Lakehouse Gradually Forms the Future of IoT Analytics

The data storage and analytics market has witnessed a transformative journey, evolving from the structured confines of data warehousing to the considerable, uncharted territories of data lakes. With the evolution of records storage and control, a unique concept emerged, bridging the distance between data lakes and data warehouses – the "data lakehouse."

What Is the Role of IoT in the Translation Sector?

In an increasingly connected world, it is crucial to ensure that language never becomes a communication barrier. The translation industry is witnessing a significant transformation, with IoT emerging as a major driving force. IoT integration is now prevalent in wearable translators, smart speakers, smartphones and other communication devices, facilitating real-time language translation from any location. 

Next Generation Cellular IoT Connectivity: eSIM vs iSIM explained

The traditional SIM card, the physical chip that must be inserted into a mobile device, is also used in IoT devices. However, as new IoT use cases arise, the limitations of the physical IoT SIM mean newer forms of SIM, such as IoT eSIM and IoT iSIM will become prominent. We explain the differences.

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