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The 1NCE IoT Flat Rate for seamless IoT device integration

The 1NCE cloud-native IoT platform utilizes cloud-technology from AWS in order to provide its scalable and high-performance connectivity services to its customers worldwide. Thanks to AWS services such as Direct Connect or Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) 1NCE easily interconnects to partner networks such as Deutsche Telekom AG or China Telecom Global all around the world. The cloud-native environment of the 1NCE platform and its network components are designed for seamless global IoT connectivity at the lowest cost and ease of use.



Seamless integration: one cloud, one service


1NCE provides its unique IoT Flat Rate directly via AWS Marketplace. AWS customers can simply order the 1NCE IoT Flat Rate where they run their business and take advantage of the seamless experience of having all necessary services to kick-start an IoT project via one interface. AWS customers benefit from the easy deployment, integration and billing of the 1NCE IoT Flat Rate through their AWS account including comprehensive technical support. In addition, customers can order the free 1NCE For All plan exclusively in AWS Marketplace. With 1NCE For All, customers receive an IoT SIM for 12 months at no cost.


Simple IoT device integration via Connectivity Suite


Customers of the 1NCE IoT Flat Rate can use the 1NCE IoT Connectivity Suite free of charge. With this, IoT devices can be connected to the AWS IoT Core account within a few clicks and thus be operated faster and easier.

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1NCE IoT Connectivity Suite for AWS

1NCE IoT Flat Rate on AWS Marketplace

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1NCE IoT Platform based on AWS Cloud

High-performance leased line between the 1NCE platform and our partner networks such as Deutsche Telekom and China Telecom Global
Lean cloud environment for highest availability, dynamical scaling and adaption to the respective network requirements
Connecting the client's AWS based solution to the 1NCE platform via VPC peering for more security, stability and speed

1NCE in AWS Marketplace

New: The free 1NCE For All plan exclusively available in AWS Marketplace
Easy subscription as AWS customer
Purchase your IoT connectivity in your established AWS environment
A further step to your all-in-one IoT solution

1NCE IoT Connectivity Suite for AWS

Secure and automated IoT device integration via the 1NCE SIM card
Extended support for IoT protocols via the Data Broker
Real-time IoT device management and configuration via the Rules Engine
Simple IoT device programming via SDK
Fast and easy cloud integration
Included in the 1NCE IoT Flat Rate at no additional cost

1NCE and AWS - Establishing standards in IoT

1NCE and AWS share the same values – customer first and highly standardized offerings that allow for easy provisioning and best customer experience. A lean cloud-based platform and easy-accessible IoT connectivity simplify the process of connecting, setting up, running and developing IoT devices and services. With the availability of the 1NCE IoT Flat Rate in AWS Marketplace, AWS customers can now benefit from the ability to quickly and easily add a low-cost, high-quality IoT wireless plan to their products already managed in the cloud. And with 1NCE For All, AWS Marketplace customers can now order an exclusive free IoT plan to test their IoT solutions for 12 months at no cost. With the 1NCE IoT Connectivity Suite, also IoT device management is significantly simplified: Via the 1NCE Customer Portal, 1NCE customers can easily, quickly and securely connect and integrate their IoT devices to their AWS IoT Core account.

1NCE IoT Connectivity Suite for AWS IoT Core
1NCE in AWS Marketplace
1NCE Platform based on AWS Cloud

Cloud connected sensor data with 1NCE and AWS

Customer Story: autosen

autosen, the specialist for industrial sensors, has created the io-key. For easy connecting industrial sensors, the company developed an IoT platform based on Cumolocity that is operated within the AWS Cloud. Using the 1NCE IoT Flat Rate and the AWS Cloud Interface, IO-Link capable sensors can automatically transfer machine data to the integrated customer system. All data is monitored and analyzed in real time. 1NCE offers autosen a cost-effective connectivity solution that seamlessly combines the latest radio technologies such as NB-IoT with the AWS cloud. This allows simple and fast integration and data transfer from system to system.

Close Cooperation

1NCE and AWS jointly drive customer experience in IoT

AWS is offering the most up to date cloud platform, enabling 1NCE to provide a global, secure, reliable cloud-native IoT network. The listing of our 1NCE IoT Flat Rate on the AWS Marketplace has been a great further milestone in our extensive collaboration to jointly drive customer experience and further change the IoT industry. With the free 1NCE For All tariff, the entry into IoT is once again significantly simplified exclusively for AWS Marketplace customers.


From left to right: Ralf Ammon (AWS), Jan Daniel Sulaiman (1NCE), Christoph Brunke (1NCE), Younes Allaki (1NCE), Jochen Kindervater (AWS) and Özkan Can (AWS).

“1NCE and AWS share the same values: the principle of ‘Customer First’ – combined with highly standardized offerings. For our customers this means easy provisioning of our services and best user experience.”

Alexander P. Sator, CEO of 1NCE

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