IoT-Based Smart Metering

Smart metering holds a significant position among utility use cases, primarily because it addresses key challenges in the utility sector and aligns with broader technological trends, such as energy management and cost efficiency. According to the Transforma Insights IoT Forecast Database, global annual shipments of smart metering devices monitoring electricity, gas, or water usage in 2021 were 36.4 million for gas, 37.5 million for water, and 145 million for electricity.

This is because IoT integrates smart meters into existing ecosystems, being a valuable tool for collecting data on infrastructure, public services, and population behavior. This data informs urban planning, resource allocation, and sustainability initiatives. More than 50% of global utilities use cases and reference stories with 1NCE are based on smart metering solutions.  

Smart Meter Vendors

The Asia-Pacific region is the largest market, while North America is ranking third after Europe. North America and Europe have been highly active in smart metering. Many new installations will occur in France and the UK, with contributions from Austria, the Netherlands, Poland, Greece, and other countries. While many Western European and Nordic countries have advanced or completed their rollouts, attention is shifting to Central and Eastern Europe. Legislation for full-scale or partial rollouts is being established in this region, and it's expected to account for 46 percent of annual smart meter shipments in 2025, up from 9 percent in 2019 according to Berg Insight.

Factors like increasing energy costs stimulate the growth of smart metering manufacturers and expand global companies’ verticals. Thus, the smart meter providers that already use IoT for their solutions are represented by global corporations as well as market newbies, some of which include:

Meter Brand 

Common Regions 




Asia-Pacific (Singapore, Australia) 

Energy Max (ALT Telecom) 

South Korea 

Genus Power Infrastructures 

India, Asia, Africa 


Global (North America, Europe, Asia, etc.) 

Kaifa Technology 

China, Asia 


Global (North America, Europe, etc.) 




Global (North America, Europe, etc.) 

ADD Grup 

Europe and other regions 


Finland, Europe 


Poland, Europe 



EMH Metering 

Germany, Europe 


Denmark, Europe 






Europe and other regions 


Italy, Europe 

Networked Energy Services 



Europe and other regions 

Aclara (Hubbell) 

Global (North America, Europe, etc.) 


Poland, Europe 

Axioma Metering 

Europe and other regions 


Italy, Europe 

Diehl Metering 

Global (Europe, North America, etc.) 

INTEGRA Metering 


Sensus (Xylem) 

Global (North America, Europe, etc.) 

Specific Smart Metering Use Cases

Depending on the utility sector and the type of meters, we provide IoT to different types of devices. Among 15 000 worldwide, we support gas, water, and electricity smart metering solutions within EU, UK, and US across more than 37 countries worldwide.

Type of Smart Meter 


Electricity Smart Meters 

Track electricity usage for billing and conservation. 

Gas Smart Meters 

Monitor gas consumption for precise billing and safety. 

Water Smart Meters 

Provide real-time data for water conservation and leak detection. 


Implies remote meter reading of heat consumption allocators placed on heaters and thermostats 

Success Stories 

Explore smart metering customer stories below: 

Learn more about Utilities and Customer Insights.

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