High Data IoT

Adjust Data Volumes to Your IoT Requirements

Meeting Data Essentials with 1NCE’s High Data IoT

1NCE disrupted the IoT connectivity industry in 2018 with its lifetime license, a perfect match for low data use cases such as smart metering, street lighting, and asset tracking. But sometimes there’s a need for higher data and bandwidth when dealing with big firmware updates, sending extensive telemetry data, or transferring photos and videos. Now with the introduction of High Data IoT, even more use cases can be managed on the 1NCE platform. For $5 per GB, customers can connect their high-data products – such as surveillance video and industrial monitoring. With 1NCE, you can enhance your IoT project’s data experience to easily, securely and reliably collect device data and turn it into actionable intelligence. Get started now with 1NCE’s High Data IoT for just $5 USD per GB, with a one-time setup fee of $10 USD. 

Why High Data IoT?


1NCE’s high data IoT is available for just $5 per GB - offering a cost-effective option for scaling your IoT deployment with no hidden costs or contracts that change over time. The single global price can be booked for customers on the 1NCE platform and used across 173 countries and regions. The price you pay is the price that stays, regardless of where your devices roam. No volume commitments. No overage penalties. No hidden fees.

Global Reach

1NCE has a global coverage map of 173 countries and regions, so you can take deployments to the next level across nearly any border. International rollouts can seem daunting, but seamless global IoT is easy with 1NCE. Plus, all High Data IoT customers have access to our software platform - accelerating time-to-market for data collection projects by months, increasing device lifetime by years, and allowing efficient management of sensors from initial deployment to the end of the product lifecycle.

Speed Enhancement

When IoT projects surge in data transmission rates, the standard speed provided by your current plan may become a bottleneck. 1NCE’s High Data IoT delivers speeds up to 25 Mb/s, ensuring that your devices can efficiently and affordably meet higher-speed requirements.

Usage Flexibility

1NCE’s pay-as-you-go model ensures that you only pay for the data you use and nothing more, making it ideal for IoT projects with data needs that fluctuate over time. You can easily monitor and adapt based on your varying data usage patterns and projections.

Talk to an IoT Expert

High Data IoT is perfect for users seeking a versatile, on-demand data solution tailored to their specific IoT use cases.  It's available with data speeds up to 25Mb/s on a pay-as-you-go model across 173 countries and regions. More than 20,000 users and 60 Fortune 500 companies already trust 1NCE with 22 million connected products worldwide. Come see what industry leaders use to maintain dominance in the marketplace and sign up today. 

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More Features

With the purchase of the 1NCE IoT Lifetime Flat you can set up an OpenVPN tunnel to establish a secure data channel.
All Mobile Standards
Our IoT SIM cards support all mobile standards: 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE-M, NB-IoT and they are already 5G-ready.
Connect your IoT / M2M devices to the mobile network via the 1NCE APN.
Rest API

You can also manage your SIM cards directly via Rest API and integrate SIM card management into your own systems.

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