IoT M2M SIM Card with 250 SMS Feature

Our feature for your IoT project

For only 10 dollars, the 1NCE IoT Lifetime Flat offers 10 years of connectivity for your IoT projects. Included are, among other things, 250 SMS. In IoT, communication takes place almost exclusively via data traffic. SMS are usually used as a fall-back or for wake-up calls. We, therefore, provide you with a sufficient number of SMS to equip your IoT project for these use cases over the entire service life.

Advantages of 250 SMS


Usage period of a full 10 years


Predictable costs without unexpected fees


Availability of 250 SMS, covering most cases


Use SMS functionality to wake up sleeping devices


SMS as a back-up solution in case mobile data traffic is impaired

SMS as a Wake-Up and Fall-Back Solution in IoT

Communication within IoT takes place almost exclusively via data traffic. However, it makes sense to offer the use of SMS in some cases. Two such classic examples are found in wake-up and fall-back use cases.

Wake-up call: IoT devices are often put into standby state to save energy. To awaken these devices again, an SMS that functions as a wake-up call can be used. This brings the IoT device back into operating mode and it can send data again.

Fall-back: If mobile data transmission is not possible, SMS can be used as a back-up solution to ensure the communication flow continues.

Mobile Terminated (MT) or Mobile Originated (MO) SMS are used for communication between the IoT device and 1NCE Connectivity Management Platform. Thus, only communication between the 1NCE platform and device is possible. However, SMS forwarding can be set up in our 1NCE customer portal.

What is IoT SMS?

IoT SMS or IoT Short Message Service implies SMS texting technology to communicate with devices within the whole Internet of Things ecosystem. In simple terms, it's a way for these devices to send and receive short text messages SMS communication in IoT works even in areas with spotty data reception, which is a great choice for remote devices or those with limited power budgets. Furthermore, SMS works with cellular networks, ensuring regular message delivery. 

How Do I Send SMS from IoT?

Some IoT devices are equipped with modules that allow them to transmit SMS messages. They are usually launched by specific events, foe example dramatic temperature increase, motion detection, lack of humidity, etc. The device sends a pre-defined SMS alert to a designated phone number. 

What is the Difference between IoT SIM and Regular SIM?

Regular SIM usually used in the phones provides voice and data connectivity. It implies a two-way communication flow for browsing the internet, calls, sending and receiving SMS messages. In comparison, an IoT SIM card is specifically developed for M2M communication. Its primary purpose is to facilitate SMS messaging between devices and servers. They are often optimized for lower power consumption and may come both with top-up options as well as ready-to-use data plans. 

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