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Redefine Smart Parking

IoT-based parking management is an essential aspect of urban mobility. However, as with any innovative solution, smart parking also comes with its own challenges. That's where 1NCE IoT SIM cards come in - to power up the management of smart parking operations.

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The Key Challenges of Smart Parking

More companies are expected to adopt smart parking solutions, reducing carbon emissions by over 40%, time traffic volume by 8%, and time spent in parking by 43%. But at the same time, there is a number of challenges to overcome:

  • High costs. Smart parking solutions are expensive, involving costs related to hardware, software, connectivity, maintenance, and ongoing management.

  • Unreliable connectivity. Seamless connectivity is key to accurate data delivery and smooth functionality. From parking facilities to mobile apps – each needs reliable connectivity, especially in areas with poor or inconsistent network coverage. In addition, finding the right cellular connectivity provider is another issue.

  • Scalability shortcomings. Due to the lack of flexibility, transparency, and simple connectivity in automated parking systems, it remains difficult to scale efficiently to a large number of smart parking constituents.

  • Lack of security. Ensuring data privacy and security of communication is critical in today’s increasingly digital world. We must ensure safe communication, data encryption, and other measures that empower smart parking.

1NCE IoT SIM cards overcome these obstacles. Enjoy reliable, cost-efficient, and streamlined connectivity with 1NCE Lifetime Flat. 

Smart Parking Solutions with 1NCE IoT SIM Cards

1NCE is a leading global IoT SIM card provider that enables effortless connectivity within the entire smart parking ecosystem. 1NCE can bring the following benefits to your business:

  • Low and transparent price. Enjoy uninterrupted connectivity for 10 years paying 10 euros only once and eleminating the need for recurring monthly fees or costly data plans. 1NCE IoT Lifetime Flat provides cost certainty and reduces the total price for IoT device ownership, turning it into a cost-saving option.

  • Reliable connectivity. 1NCE SIM cards enhance your smart parking system with reliable and seamless connectivity. Get access to valuable data in real-time, rely on the best available network, and stay connected in the most restricted areas.

  • Scalability. 1NCE Lifetime Flat implies zero additional charges for support, roaming, and setup. It provides a plug-and-play approach with no activation necessary. In addition, it can be easily managed at scale within multiple smart parking devices. All of this enables fast and straightforward deployment of devices on a large scale in real-world settings.

  • Robust security. Stay safe as 1NCE IoT SIM cards provide significant security features such as secure communication, data encryption, access control, authentication, remote smart parking management, and compliance with security regulations, which contribute to enhancing the overall security of smart parking technology.

  • Complementary IoT software. Access our free IoT software tools that accelerates device authentication, device & cloud integration, and energy saving.

  • Global networks. In partnership with operators like Deutsche Telekom and SoftBank, 1NCE currently delivers unrivaled global IoT software and connectivity to more than 13,000 customers, with 15 million global, fast, secure and reliable connections in 157+ countries. That includes more than 1-in-10 of Fortune 500 companies that have taken advantage of 1NCE’s global coverage.

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