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Smart Home IoT Connectivity 

While the number of Smart Homes in Europe and North America reached 120.5 million in 2022 and continues growing, it’s still a relatively new business and technology. In search of a simple connectivity and integration options, choosing the right provider is critical.

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Why Choose 1NCE IoT SIM Cards for Your Intelligent Home Technology?

1NCE team is driven by a mission to simplify a complicated IoT environment and deliver the best quality to end users. This human-centric approach helps Smart Home businesses provide their customers with empowering connected home technologies with the following benefits:

  • Affordability and Transparency. 1NCE Lifetime Flat provides a fully transparent price - 10 euros for 10 years,  which is affordable for IoT deployments with no hidden fees. 

  • Compatibility. 1NCE IoT SIMs are compatible with any IoT devices and smart home solutions enabling SIM connectivity. With all available form factors (2FF, 3FF, 4FF, eSIM) and 1NCE's plug-and-play approach, the SIM cards are easy to activate and integrate into IoT home devices, without excessive technical configurations. 

  • Integration with Existing Homes/Devices. 1NCE IoT SIM cards can be simply integrated into existing smart home devices, applications, and systems via standard protocols and APIs, simplifying integration with legacy systems and devices. 

  • Signal Strength and Reliable Network. 1NCE provides uninterrupted connectivity across multiple cellular networks, ensuring that smart home devices stay connected even in areas with poor Wi-Fi signals or during internet outages.  

  • Full Privacy and Security. Our IoT SIM cards enable secure encryption, authentication, and integration, protecting data delivered from smart home devices to the cloud.

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Where 1NCE delivers world-class IoT connectivity services

1NCE IoT SIM cards are compatible with any devices that contain the necessary SIM modules. Some of the most commonly used Smart Home Automation systems and devices requiring cellular connectivity include:

  • Home appliances 

  • Lightning thermostats water and energy systems 

  • Garage control 

  • Audio systems 

  • Smart home security 

  • Health appliances

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Smart Home Success Stories


The Berlin radio sensor and IT expert pikkerton trusts in IoT connectiviy from 1NCE for many of its sensors. This also applies to the multi-talent XBS-200.

Project Details


With a Switchee Smart Thermostat installed, residents optimize energy use, reduce consumption and lower heating bills by up to 17 percent.

Project Details
Smart City

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If you are new to IoT and the smart home business, or are searching for an IoT connectivity solution for your Smart Home, check up on the most frequently asked questions:

How to Make Sure a Device Can Join the Existing Smart Home Network?

First of all, check on compatibility aspect: is a specific device compatible with smart home network protocols (e.g., Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Nb-IoT, LTE-M) utilized by the home system? Check on the device's latest security protocols and updates. Next, check if - app integration is possible. If not, find a new cloud solution that can work with the management of all devices (e.g., AWS IoT Core). Provide stable connectivity and make sure the data is smoothly transferred from the device to the cloud. Also, take into account all the guidelines on activation and integration by system providers and manufacturers.

What Are the Examples of IoT Devices for Home Automation?

There are multiple devices that can be included in a Smart Home system. While some of them are initially designed for Smart Home connectivity, others can be retrofitted to become compatible. Among Smart Home Devices and systems include:

  • Smart thermostats that can be managed remotely and via learning preferences and temperature trends to set the most appropriate temperature marks.  

  • Smart lighting enables control of your lights from any place, sets schedules, and turns on and off automatically.  

  • Smart plugs are represented by additional devices plugged into the wall outlets and are used to control devices, for instance, an iron left on, remotely.  

  • Smart kitchen appliances, for instance, refrigerators, coffee machines, ovens, etc., provide the owner with information on maintenance via automatic check-ups and data analysis. 

  • Smart locks allow you to lock and unlock doors remotely, so the door can be opened without physical presence. Smart security cameras. These devices enable remote home monitoring and alert about any suspicious activities.

  • Smart smoke detectors help to prevent fires through remote control as well as connection to fire control services that can manage the issue quickly.  

  • Smart water sensors help out during water leaks and inform house owners or services about potential water systems damage.

How to Set Your Smart Home IoT Device?
Follow a few simple steps:  
  • Provide connection within your devices, for instance with 1NCE IoT SIM Cards. 

  • Download manufacturer/device apps. 

  • Connect them to the hub (if required by the device and manufacturer). 

  • Setup all the devices and manage your devices through 1NCE OS and Cloud Solutions/Apps. 

What Protocols Are Usually Utilized for IoT Smart Home Connectivity?

There are a few protocols that can be used depending on connectivity type, device area, and environment. They are Nb-IoT, LTE-M, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, and Z-Wave. Each protocol has its own advantages in terms of range, bandwidth, and energy consumption, while different devices may use different protocols.

Is It Possible to Connect Devices from Different Manufacturers to One Smart Home Network?

Today, everything is designed in a smart way, which means most often devices from different manufacturers can be easily connected. In most cases, yes, you can connect devices from different manufacturers to one Smart Home network. At the same time, there are still devices, such as Apple Home Kit, that work only within its brand ecosystem. The best decision is to research the compatibility question before buying or offering a solution to the customer.

How to Make IoT Smart Home Networks and Devices Secure?

Among the top measures to provide your device network with security are strong passwords, device authentication, updated software, using a secure connectivity provider, and many more.

How Can Smart Home Connectivity Impact Energy Efficiency and Sustainability?

Choosing the right IoT connectivity for Smart Home solutions can significantly influence energy efficiency and sustainability. 1NCE IoT SIM cards help provide remote monitoring of energy usage and further identify the areas with the highest energy consumption and decrease it, while the mistakenly turned-on devices can be turned off easily after alerts. By providing accurate information on energy usage, it’s possible to set automatic temperature marks based on the average consumption. Nb-IoT and LTE-M used in IoT devicesresult in low-power consumption, long battery life, and reduced network traffic that can also contribute to energy saving.

What Is the Future of Smart Home IoT Connectivity?

With innovative approaches always comes an issue of security. It’s important to always be one step ahead and consider additional devices, software, and data protection measures. In addition, more and more efforts should be aimed at greater integration and automation, a simplified approach to connecting devices of different manufacturers, and uninterrupted connections within hard-to-reach areas.

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