Electronic Shelf Labeling (ESL) and IoT

One of the most extensive IoT-enabled applications within Retail is electronic shelf labeling which encompasses 2.7 billion connected devices according to Transforma Insights. The rapid adoption of wirelessly powered Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) systems/digital price tags is set to revolutionize retail pricing and efficiency.

Paper price tags and battery-powered ESLs have limitations, but wireless IoT-powered ESLs outperform battery-powered solutions in dynamic pricing, sustainability, design, and ROI. The cost is competitive, and the benefits extend beyond retail. IoT empowers retailers to maintain real-time price updates and efficient inventory management through connected devices, enabling dynamic pricing and ensuring products are always available.

1NCE can simply track the high relevance of IoT to Electronic Shelf Labeling via the growing number of customers in the niche. 

Device Vendors in Electronic Shelf Labeling

The global market for connected vending solutions is served by a diverse array of providers, many of which are specialized technology companies.

Vendor Location Website 
SES-imagotag France https://www.ses-imagotag.com/  
Displaydata United Kingdom https://www.displaydata.com/ 
Pricer Sweden https://www.pricer.com/ 
Samsung SDS South Korea https://www.samsungsds.com/ 
Teraoka Seiko (DIGI) Japan https://www.digisystem.com/ 
Opticon Netherlands https://www.opticon.com/ 
Hanshow Technology China http://www.hanshow.com/ 
A2R Switzerland https://www.a2r.ch/ 
SES-ESL France https://www.ses-imagotag.com/en/ 
SoluM South Korea https://solu-m.com/ 
TroniTAG Germany https://www.tronitag.com/ 
Huawei China https://www.huawei.com/ 

IoT Applications

IoT digital labeling relate to more specific applications:

Application Description 
Real-Time Price Updates Automatic, real-time price updates on ESLs for accurate pricing. 
Dynamic Pricing Adjust prices based on demand, inventory, and market conditions. 
Inventory Management Real-time tracking and management of product quantities. 
Planogram Compliance Monitoring product placement to ensure adherence to planograms. 
Shelf Health Monitoring Detect empty or overstocked shelves for efficient restocking. 
Promotion Management Automatically activate and deactivate promotions as scheduled. 
Localization and Language Support Display product info in different languages based on location. 
Customer Feedback Allow customers to provide feedback through ESLs or apps. 

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