Our Architecture

Smooth Integration Into Your Solution

Architecture Overview

1NCE OS is included within the global 1NCE Lifetime Flat and can be used complimentary with the purchase of any SIM card. It provides an easy way to connect your devices to the Internet of Things and deliver data into your cloud – no matter which cloud provider (AWS, Azure, etc.) or data center you use.

This includes managed services, APIs, and device SDKs - each software tool is a modular building block that can be integrated right away. We offer plenty of copy & paste examples and blueprints to get you started even faster.

Our Integration Options

Device Integration

To get the most of 1NCE OS, connect your devices to our managed service using standard protocols: UDP, CoAP or Lightweight-M2M. 1NCE provides the following Open-Source projects to get you started:

  • Device SDK: Generic C library for all embedded platforms, which allows you to use our tools without having to integrate our APIs yourself

  • FreeRTOS Blueprint: Sample code for FreeRTOS that demonstrates how to connect to the 1NCE network, use secure communication and leverage our software tools

  • Zephyr Blueprint: Sample code for Zephyr OS (used by Nordic nRF9160) that demonstrates how to connect to the 1NCE network, use secure communication and leverage our software tools

  • 1NCE Arduino Blueprint: Sample code for Arduino that gives access to features like Device Authenticator, IoT Integrator, and Energy Saver with 1NCE SDK

All of this is optional: You can use these Open-Source projects, copy the code, or implement everything on your own.

Cloud Integration

1NCE offers two main methods to integrate with your backend services.

  • Push: We push data into your system when a new event occurs. Useful when you're going for a real-time, event-driven architecture. We support either HTTPS Webhooks (compatible with serverless Lambda functions and traditional webservers) or native AWS IoT Core integration (in case you want managed PaaS).

  • Pull: You pull data from our managed service using the well-documented REST API. This is useful when you need device data occasionally.

You can even mix and match the integration types depending on your specific needs.

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