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1NCE extends footprint to Russia, Belarus and the Ukraine

COLOGNE, 09/01/2018 – 1NCE, the first Tier 1 IoT Carrier providing an IoT connectivity flatrate (powered by Deutsche Telekom), started operations in the emerging IoT markets of Russia, Belarus and the Ukraine.

1NCE`s global coverage is growing at a fast pace. The company is already offering seamless connectivity all over the European Union, Switzerland and Norway, as well as temporary roaming for applications in the USA. As of September 1st,2018, 1NCE is expanding its footprint to Russia, Belarus and the Urkaine. Customers in the newly added coverage areas will benefit from the same offering and services, included in the 1NCE Lifetime Fee, the first IoT prepaid flatrate at the price of 10 Euro for 10 years enabling seamless NB-IoT and 2G/3G connectivitiy through a multi-mode SIM Card.

“Russia, Belarus and the Ukraine are on a fast digitatization track, creating new IoT markets and leveraging business opportunities. Industrial IoT and automation play a key role in this transformation. This requires a simple and fast connectivity solution to leverage the potential value”, said Alexander P. Sator, 1NCE Chief Executive Officer. “Being part of this process and enabling this growth is an integral part of our strategy. We do expext fast progress over the region in the next years.”

1NCE Connectivity for Russias “Digital Economy” initiative
Especially in Russia, the potential as well as the demand for IoT connectivity is enormous. According to AS&M research, the number of SIM cards connecting sensors and machines to the Internet increased by 40 percent to 14.5 million in 2017. By 2019, a number of 23.5 million SIM cards is predicted. In addidition, the governmental initiative “Digital Economy” is aiming to speed up the deployment of digital technologies in core sectors like digital infrastructure, smart cities and the digital health economy.

“1NCE will be contributing to this growth by providing cutting edge technology and plug & play connectivity at an unparalled price point,” said Alexander Bufalino, 1NCE Chief Sales Officer. “We are highly convinced that our extremely competitive offer will help the fast growing businesses in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus to avoid technical limitations and support their growth story into the IoT age.”

More information can be found in the press release here