IoT Use Cases

Energizing your IoT business and creating new opportunities

With the 1NCE Lifetime Fee we have created an all-inclusive connectivity pre-paid bundle that is 100% geared for low bandwidth B2B applications, covering some of the most important applications of today’s IoT market, such as Smart Metering, Asset Tracking, Waste Management, Tank Monitoring or Vehicle Telematics. 1NCE connectivity products let customers deploy their existing IoT solutions faster and more cost-effectively than ever before while enabling a whole range of completely new IoT use cases, previously considered too expensive, too complex or too unprofitable.


Learn all about the advantages that IoT can bring for your industry and discover how 1NCE fits to your IoT applications.


Get a comprehensive overview of benefits and use cases within your industry and learn which requirements fit to 1NCE.

Waste Management

Vehicle Telematics

Tank Monitoring

Asset Tracking

Smart Metering