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Cloud connected sensor data with 1NCE

The sensor specialist autosen has developed the io-key, which is an AWS-cloud based solution to easily connect industrial sensors. Thanks to highly standardized cellular connection as well as AWS-cloud-interface IO-Link-enabled sensors can transmit machine data automatically to customer systems. All values can be monitored and analyzed in real-time. 1NCE provides autosen a cost-effective connectivity solution, that seamlessly combines newest cellular based radio technologies like Narrowband IoT with cloud technology like AWS in order to allow for a most simple and fast integration und data transfer from system to system.

Project Brief


Sensors and automation




2G / NB-IoT

1. Background

Thanks to the implementation of the IO-Link standard autosen allows its customers to connect more than 6,000 sensors of more than 200 producers with the cloud – in less than a minute. The autosen GmbH was founded in 2011 in Essen, Germany, with the goal to revolutionize the way that sensors are supplied and used. The company is a subsidiary of the ifm Group, a world leading manufacturer of automatization technology. It looks back to over 40 years of experience in the development and production of sensor systems. From the very start autosen has been a digital driven company. The company has more than 100.000 assets on stock and can dispatch its products within the same day, if the order has been made before 2pm. There is a standard price for all customers, a 30-day return policy and convenient payment by invoice. A minimum order quantity is not required. Also, every product comes with a warranty of 5 years.

2. Challenge

For customers from the industry and especially for SMB it was always complicated to implement industrial sensor solutions and analyze sensor data. Also, the costs quickly amounted to several hundred euros. A considerable cost driving factor was usually connectivity, i.e. the mere cost of transferring data from the sensor to the backend. The high financial expense had a negative impact on the profitability of connected sensor solutions. Reason enough for autosen to provide its customers with a cost-effective and simple solution to connect and implement industrial sensors. autosens’ new offering, the io-key, is a complete, all-in-one compact solution that enables industrial customers to connect their factories, production sites, warehouses or similar facilities via plug-and-play to the cloud.


autosen wanted to provide its customers with the same convenience and simplicity in connectivity purchasing that they would get when buying sensors and automation equipment from autosen. Its latest offering, the io-key, has been designed to provide a good value option for transmitting sensor data as simply as possible into the cloud, thereby making these data available via the internet. The io-key is a gateway that uses IO-Link technology in order to implement plug and play functionality, enabling simple and rapid commissioning of sensors with IO-Link technology. The sensor data gathered are transmitted into a cloud storage area automatically, where they can be viewed on a customer-specific dashboard.

3. 1NCE Solution

With 1NCE autosen has found a partner that provides a simple and cost-saving IoT mobile tariff including Narrowband IoT for the io-key. Thanks to the 1NCE cloud-native platform that’s running on the AWS and is optimized for cloud-based operation, data transfer between the 1NCE network and the autosen cloud solution is fast, secure and reliable. The 1NCE network platform utilizes AWS Direct Connect and VPC, which enables a dedicated and high-performance leased line via GRX connection to partner networks such as the Deutsche Telekom network. The cloud environment of the 1NCE platform as well as its components are engineered for highest availability and can be dynamically scaled and adapted to the respective network requirements. autosen’s cloud solution is also based on AWS and allows the connection to the 1NCE platform via VPC peering, which enables a dedicated connection between two AWS environments. The direct connection via VPC Peering has the advantage of higher security, as the data is not sent via open internet, but remains within the AWS ecosystem. In addition, the low latency results in much more stable and faster connections.

“1NCE is disruptive, agile and has a transparent pricing policy – we love it and act in the same way. It’s great that 1NCE Lifetime Fee enables autosen and the io-key to provide the first sensor data flat rate connectivity proposition across Europe.”

Rainer Schniedergers, Product Manager, autosen GmbH

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