Customer Portal


1NCE Customer Portal in detail

General Information

The 1NCE Lifetime Fee includes access to the Customer Portal, which is a full-scale Connectivity Management Platform that allows to:


  • manage SIM cards
  • monitor data and SMS consumption
  • order additional SIM cards
  • re-charge data volume and SMS
  • configure and setup the connections
  • manage your account, user and suborganisations
  • access to technical support


To access the Customer Portal, click on the “Login”-button on the 1NCE website or enter the URL in your browser.

In the next step the customer will be asked to login with the registration e-mail address and the corresponding password. The customer was asked with an e-mail directly after the first registration and the first order to set the password for the Customer Portal. In case this password is lost, the user can use the “password forgotten” function to reset the password. The Customer Portal is encrypted using the HTTPS protocol.



After logging in to the 1NCE Customer Portal the first site on view will be the Dashboard.

The Dashboard gives a general overview of the current data and SMS consumption of the ordered SIMs. It shows a comprehensive picture of all ordered SIMs with regard to their all over data usage as well as the SMS usage of the last six month. All SIM cards are classified into three groups:


  • Those with sufficient data, meaning of a volume between 20% to 100%
  • With low data, showing a remaining volume below 20%
  • And those that ran out of volume.


By clicking on the “VIEW” button in the different sections of the dashboard the user is lead directly to the My SIM menu showing more detailed information of each SIM Card. with the detailed view on the “My SIMs” tab.

The Dashboard also includes a status view of recent orders as well as the option of reordering directly out of his account.



The tab “My SIMs” provides a detailed overview of all ordered SIMs.

The Filter option on the top allows the user to search for a certain SIM by IMSI, Label, ICCID or MSISDN. The overview of all SIMs may also be sorted by the status “Activated” or “Deactivated”.

By clicking on one of the SIMs a comprehensive view of all the details pops up. In the first column the ICCID, IMSI, MSISDN and LABEL is shown. The MSISDN is also the phone number of the SIM. The LABEL field is editable and can help to assort the SIMs. The second column presents all Lifetime data like time passed in %, the time left and the end date of the 10-year contract. The third column on the right shows all relevant network data, like the static IP-address, the IMEI of the connected device, the session-status, location of the device and the network bearer the SIM currently is attached to.

In the lower part of this section you get a detailed log of “Events” and “Usage” in chronological order. The subitem “SMS” provides the option to send a MT SMS to this SIM directly from the Customer Portal.

Furthermore, the user may find the option to deactivate or activate a specific SIM, reset the connection and purchase a Top-Up (additional data or SMS volume).



The “Configuration” tab offers several topics you might need to configure your SIMs.


The “Network settings” contain the basic information to get the SIM Cards connected to the 1NCE network. The 1NCE APN needs to be set in the very first step to set up a connection to the network. The SMSC is needed to aim all MO SMS in the network. The IP address shows the Network IP and subnet mask required for the routing using a VPN application. This IP is static and available for the amount 1022 SIMs. As soon as this amount is exceeded an additional IP will be automatically set by the 1NCE network and shown underneath the first one. All the shown IPs need to be set in the VPN application as well.
With the “Limits” a customer can set a monthly limit of 50 MB data volume or 10 SMS regardless of the SMS type (MT or MO). These limits will be applied to all SIMs of a customer. With checking or unchecking the boxes these options can be set or cancelled easily at any time.
The “Data Streams” service allows the user to subscribe to real-time Event and Usage Data for all SIM Cards by pushing data directly to the customer server or an already integrated cloud service such as AWS Kinesis, DataDog or Currently the Data Stream service allows for three individual streams (Usage Data, Events and Usage Data & Events).
The “SMS Forwarding Configuration” allows for sending MO SMS. Therefore, the customer needs to insert the URL of the server, which shall receive the SMS. E.g.: or https://<public_ip>:5000/smsapp (Note: The above-mentioned URL, IP, port, and path are just examples and depend on your own setup.)
The “OpenVPN Configuration” provides a short introduction to setting up a VPN client. Open VPN is the recommended application setup by 1NCE to establish a secure data connection between the 1NCE network and the customer’s server. Therefore, the OpenVPN client needs to be installed on the customer server (aka application server) to which the data of the device shall be transmitted. The OpenVPN connection to the 1NCE network is established by the OpenVPN client, that can be downloaded in this section of the 1NCE Customer Portal. There are two different versions for Windows and for Linux/MacOS available.


On the “Account” tab the user can manage the account and user data as well as changing or adding the billing and delivery addresses.

Among the field “Customer data” all necessary contact details of the account can be found.

Note that the e-mail address shown here is the one where all invoices are being sent to digitally. The company name shown is the name set on the invoices as well.

Among the field “User data” the user may find the “log-in”- credentials for the Customer Portal.

The field “Addresses” allows to store multiple delivery addresses and change the invoice address. The addresses are stored and will appear each time the user orders additional SIM-Cards or Top-Ups.



The “Orders” tab provides a complete overview of all orders that have been placed. For each order the according status (Completed, in preparation or cancelled) is shown.

The user can download a copy of all invoices at any time. The column “Affected SIMs” provides the download of an excel sheet with a list of all SIMs of the dedicated order consisting of ICCID, Label, IMSI and MSISDN. In case there has been any correction to the order, the corrected or updated invoices can be downloaded in the column “Additional Documents”.



The Customer Portal furthermore offers the option to create multiple user accounts which allows for different user roles and rights. Under the tab “User” the initial owner of the account can create and edit new user accounts.

The following roles for additional user accounts are available:


  • Owner: This is the initial user and cannot be changed. This role can use every function and administrate “Admins” and “Users”. The role of “Owner” can also be assigned to a newly added user.
  • Admin: This role has all access (including API access) and can administrate the account as well as create and delete users.
  • User: This role can see all details on the Customer Portal and administrate SIM Cards, but cannot initiate new orders or Top Ups, therefore this role does not have any rights to purchase or recharge.
  • API User: This role is designed for the usage of the 1NCE REST API available via the 1NCE-API webpage or from applications directly via HTTPs and defines the API client credentials for programmatic access. To use the API the individual OAuth2 client_id and client_credentials are required.

For creating a new user account, the following information is required:

First and last name, e-mail address (is used as login) and desired role.


API Users have the account number as a prefix in front of specified client_credential.

After creating a new user an e-mail is sent to the new mail address requesting to set an initial new password for the 1NCE Customer Portal (API User is an exception as the client_secret needs to be specified while setting up new user).



On the tab “Organisation” a 1NCE customer can create new sub-organisations directly in the Customer Portal.

This feature enables a customer to create independent organisations, e.g., for his subsidiary or sub-contractor.

Creating a new organization requires the Role “Owner” or “Admin”. After creating a new organisation, the new owner is being notified and asked to set up his password via e-mail, so that he can access the customer portal.

All known features are active in the new organisation.

An order of SIM cards can be placed in the new organization by using the “Reorder” Button on the dashboard and go through the regular ordering process.

Alternatively, your new organisation can order directly via the web shop. In this way it requires their login in the second step.

As Master Organisation you can see the total number of SIMs ordered by each organisation, but without having direct access unless a dedicated account has been created by the sub-org entity.



The “Support” tab offers access to the 1NCE technical support and customer service either directly via phone or by placing a new service request (ticket). The access to technical support is only available for existing customers.

Customer service is provided either in German or English language. Telephone support is available from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (CET/CEST) (except for national public holidays); Tickets are mainly processed within the service times.

This tab also provides an archive of all genera

ted service requests by the customer with the option to open the details of each of them to review the conversation with customer service.