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The 1NCE Lifetime Fee already includes the access to the 1NCE M2M/IoT APN at no extra costs. The M2M/IoT mobile devices may connect to the M2M/IoT application in the customer’s data centre via APN. The M2M/IoT mobile devices receive a dedicated private IP address from the 1NCE network.

Therefore, to connect a device to the 1NCE network using 2G, 3G, 4G or NB-IoT the 1NCE APN needs to be defined on the device carrying the 1NCE SIM card. The 1NCE APN:

Download: APN_Documentation

2. SMS functionality

The 1NCE Lifetime Fee includes 250 SMS. The SMS can be sent both as so-called Mobile Terminated (MT) or Mobile Originated (MO) SMS. SMS messages sent from one terminal device to another terminal device are not supported.

However, text messages are relevant for wake-up messages from the IoT application (application-oriented SMS) to the endpoint (mobile terminated). Therefore, sending and receiving text messages between SIM card devices and server is supported.

In the 1NCE Customer Portal on the “SMS” view of the “My SIMs” tab you can send a SMS (MT) directly out from the Customer Portal to the application device. When clicking on the “Configuration” tab the function SMS Forwarding Configuration can be found.

Using the API functionality SIM Cards can also be administered directly via web services and includes also requests to manage your SMS.

Download: SMS_Functionality_Documentation

3. Open VPN

Open VPN is free of charge and the recommended application setup by 1NCE to establish a secure data connection between the 1NCE network and the customers server.

Therefore, the OpenVPN client needs to be installed on the customer server (aka application server) to which the data of the device shall be transmitted. The OpenVPN connection to the 1NCE network is established by the OpenVPN client, that can be downloaded via the 1NCE Customer Portal on the “Configuration” tab.

There are two different versions for Windows and for Linux/MacOS available.

Download:  OpenVPN_Documentation


1NCE offers an Application Programming Interface (hereinafter referred to as “API”) already included in the 1NCE lifetime fee that allows users to implement the most important functions of the Customer Portal into a customer’s environment. The supported functions of the 1NCE API generally enables the customer to manage, control and monitor the 1NCE SIM Cards from an external system.

The 1NCE API and a short documentation can be found under:

Download: API Funktionality_Documentation

5. 1NCE Data Streams

1NCE offers a service called “Data Streams”. The Data Stream service allows to subscribe to real-time Event and Usage Data for all SIM Cards by pushing data directly to the customer server or an already integrated cloud service such as AWS Kinesis, DataDog or Currently the Data Stream service allows for three individual streams (Usage Data, Events and Usage Data & Events), which can be managed via the Customer Portal.

Customers can pause and resume the stream at any time by using the action buttons next to the stream details.

For setting up the Data Streams for a RestAPI or RestAPI in Bulk mode the specification of an API Callback is required. The 1NCE Data Stream acts as an HTTP Client and needs an HTTP Server to handle each Post. Every sent message includes an array of one or more objects.

Download: DataStreamer_Documentation