Switch SIM profiles when needed

Do you want flexibility with your IoT SIM Card provider and the ability to switch your profile over-the-air? Gain peace of mind with the 1NCE eUICC capable IoT SIM cards and the Freedom to Switch feature.

Introducing 1NCE's eUICC-enabled SIM Cards with Freedom to Switch

One of the challenges of starting or expanding IoT projects is being locked into a specific IoT SIM operator. Switching to a different IoT SIM profile requires manually changing the SIM card, which can be costly and time consuming. 1NCE offers eUICC-capable SIM cards that enable seamless switching between profiles, should that be necessary. 

Freedom to Switch is available for industrial-grade IoT SIMs. The feature comes at no additional charge as part of our IoT Lifetime Flat fee at 10 euros for 10 years of service.

Why choose eUICC-enabled SIMs?  

  • Defy vendor lock-in: Your IoT devices are not bound to a single operator anymore.  

  • Avoid truck rolls: Remotely add and switch operator profiles without physical interaction with your devices (no need to physically swap a SIM). 

  • Stay flexible: Be prepared for future changes to your device fleet.  

  • Ensure quality: Test the network functionality of your IoT device at the assembly line. 

Get your eUICC-enabled SIM now!

How it works

  • Order industrial grade MFF2 or 3in1 eUICC-enabled SIMs. 

  • 1NCE will ship the SIMs directly to your address with the 1NCE eUICC SIM profile preinstalled. 

  • SIMs arrive at your address activated and ready to use, just like any other SIM. 

  • To switch to another provider, you may require an additional RSP integration project. Reach out for further information.

Why choose 1NCE?

Low and transparent operating costs

1NCE delivers pre-paid global cellular connectivity at a fixed price that lasts the entire lifetime of the device: 10 euros for 10 years, which breaks down to less than 10 cents per month per device. Pay once, and never worry about connectivity for your IoT project again. 

A connectivity solution that scales

The 1NCE IoT Lifetime Flat comes with no additional costs. No extra charges for setup, roaming, or support. SIM cards are delivered ready-to-use with no activation necessary. This allows rapid and uncomplicated mass rollouts of devices in the field. 

Technology that grows with your business

1NCE supports all current mobile network standards from 2G, 3G, 4G, NB-IoT and LTE-M on a single SIM card. Seamless network switching with no extra fees ensures the best possible network coverage for each individual use case. Replace old IoT devices as needed and smoothly phase-out any legacy network infrastructure.

Software tools for easy integration

The 1NCE IoT Lifetime Flat includes a unique toolset of software, that helps you implement, manage and optimize your devices. 1NCE OS is included and comes with a well-documented API that allows for easy integration into your own software services. OpenVPN capabilities give your solution added security to support even in the most demanding environments. 

Strong partnerships

1NCE is a strategic partner of communications giants like Softbank and Deutsche Telekom AG. 1NCE uses the network access structure of Deutsche Telekom and its roaming partners currently covering 157 countries and regions worldwide. Today, 1NCE manages over 15 million SIM cards across more than 12 thousand customers worldwide. 

For further questions on our eUICC enabled SIMs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are happy to help. 

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