Blockchain On A SIM Free Testkit: Discover The Extra Bit Security

Free giveaway of 20 Blockchain On A SIM test kits. Source: UBIRCH

In the Internet of Things, billions of different devices and processes are interconnected. Security and confidentiality of the data is essential. Together with our partners UBIRCH and G+D, we have developed a security upgrade for our 1NCE IoT Lifetime Flat: Blockchain On A SIM. Test the technology now for free!

To make mobile communication via our IoT FlexSIM card even more secure, we have added a blockchain-based security component. We combine high-quality IoT connectivity with the highest IoT security. The result is Blockchain On A SIM . And you can test it now for free!

Why do I need Blockchain On A SIM?

Wherever that extra bit of security is essential: wherever you need to ensure that data reaches its destination unaltered and correctly. For example, in the insurance or healthcare sectors, in telematics or logistics. Wherever supply chains need to be seamlessly monitored and processes seamlessly logged. Where proof of the authenticity of data, such as for the issuing of guarantees, invoices or certificates, is of the utmost importance.

How does Blockchain On A SIM work?

Before data is transferred from the physical to the digital world, each individual data packet is sealed directly at the point of capture - using robust cryptography. This creates an immutable "chain of trust" that guarantees from the source that IoT data will not be manipulated, duplicated or deleted.

A necessary component in this is the UBIRCH Nano-Client. A small piece of software that we at 1NCE have integrated directly onto our Blockchain On A SIM card. This way, the data is signed directly at the source.

No ordinary SIM card: The UBIRCH nano client is directly integrated on our Blockchain-on-a-SIM card. Recognisable by the UBIRCH logo.

The solution is completed by the UBIRCH Trust Service. The cloud service anchors the IoT data in the blockchain and enables the verification of authenticity and integrity via a REST interface.

Try Blockchain On A SIM now for free

To help you get started with mobile IoT communication using blockchain technology, we are giving away 20 free blockchain test kits to corporate IT developers. To get your hands on one of the coveted test kits, please follow this link to the test kit application form.

Get your free Blockchain On A SIM Testkit now !

What does the Blockchain Testkit consist of?

The UBIRCH test kit is the combination of hardware (based on Pycom hardware modules) and sample code in Micropython to demonstrate the use of the UBIRCH protocol. This allows you to easily test and evaluate the Blockchain on a SIM solution at your leisure.
The test kit also includes the 1NCE FlexiSIM card with SIGNiT SIM technology from our partner Giesecke+Devrient Mobile Security. SIGNiT is the basis for the Blockchain on a SIM functionality and is not included on a standard SIM card. You can also find out all the other details about the test kit and what else you need in the UBIRCH Github repository .


All available testkits have been claimed. But if you're still interested, please follow the link to the contact form and we will get in touch!