4G / LTE Coverage

Important information about 4G network coverage:


The network coverage of 1NCE covers over 150 countries worldwide. 4G and all other mobile radio standards are supported. The updated coverage map provides you with details on which mobile radio standard is available in which region. 1NCE is the first provider of connectivity and software for loT at a global loT Lifetime Flat.

4G / LTE Coverage Map

1NCE is progressively expanding its network coverage offering. Various mobile radio standards are available in over 150 countries, including 2G/ 3G/ 4G as well as LTE-M and NB-loT. The country coverage map shows you whether the 4G radio standard is also available in your location.



2G/3G Network Discontinuations

From time to time, mobile network operators (MNOs) decide to switch off certain radio standards such as 2G, and 3G in order to use the released frequencies for newer technologies. The discontinuation of certain mobile technologies is also referred to as shutdown, phase out of sunset. As an MVNO, 1NCE relies on the local services of its roaming partners. Therefore, 1NCE coverage is affected by local network shutdowns and locally available radio access technologies. See the 1NCE Developer Hub for documentation of all upcoming network shutdowns within our roaming partner network.


IoT-Optimized Network

1NCE is not only an MVNO, but also a Tier-1-IoT carrier. With strong partners aside, 1NCE is characterized by a distinctive network. Deutsche Telekom provides access to a global roaming partner network and direct access to the network infrastructure. At the same time, the cooperation with Amazon Web Services facilitates the flexible programming and management of IoT networks and thus enables the focus on intelligent software connectivity.

1NCE IoT Lifetime Flat

1NCE offers connectivity and software services worldwide with the 1NCE IoT Lifetime Flat. The offer includes a one-time payment of 10 dollars with a duration of 10 years. For 1 dollar/year you can easily network and manage your IoT devices. All required features for the connectivity and software services are already included in the price.

Supported Mobile Radio Standards

More About 4G / LTE

In the 1NCE IoT Blog you can learn more about 4G and choosing the right mobile radio standard. The blog includes not only interesting facts about different radio access technologies but also general information about the Internet of Things and the implementation of IoT projects.


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