Fleet Management & IoT

McKinsey states that the worldwide market for fleet telematics hardware, software, and services is projected to achieve an annual growth rate of approximately 23% over the next six years, ultimately evolving into a $75 billion sector by 2025. Over the past few years, IoT has changed the general fleet management landscape, helping to overcome major challenges like high costs, manual resources, lack of transparency, and instant access to the data.

According to Transforma Insights, IoT-powered fleet management solutions have the potential to decrease fuel consumption by an average of 15%, and in some cases, even up to 25%. According to Berg Insight, North America, a substantial fleet of approximately 29.9 million vehicles is actively involved in commercial operations, 40.7 million in Latin America, and 41.1 million within the EU22+3 region.  

With over 13% of our customers being from the automotive sector and 13% more from logistics, we have a strong understanding that IoT possesses high relevance to fleet telematics use cases. 

Top Fleet Management Vendors

Learn more about the most popular fleet telematics systems vendors globally:

Vendor Region Website 
3Dtracking Global https://3dtracking.com/ 
ABAX Europe https://www.abax.com/ 
Aplicom Europe https://www.aplicom.com/ 
Astrata Europe Europe https://www.astrata.eu 
Automile Global https://automile.com/ 
BigChange Europe https://www.bigchange.com/ 
Bornemann Europe https://www.bornemann.de/ 
Bridgestone (Webfleet) Global https://www.webfleet.com/ 
CalAmp Global https://www.calamp.com/ 
CarrierWeb Global https://www.carrierweb.com/ 

Note: The list makes no claim to completeness.    

Fleet Management IoT Applications

Using IoT for fleet management implies the following applications:



Asset Tracking & Monitoring 

Real-time monitoring and tracking of fleet assets for enhanced security and management. 

Inventory Management & Monitoring 

Remote monitoring of inventory levels and assets for efficient stock management. 

Precision Specialist Robot 

Autonomous precision machinery for specialized tasks, such as surgery, house-building, and manufacturing. 

Road Public Transport 

IoT connections for public buses, improving safety, efficiency, and service delivery. 

Autonomous Road Freight Vehicles 

Autonomous commercial vehicles used for goods transportation. 

Autonomous Road Passenger Vehicles 

Autonomous vehicles for passenger transportation, including buses and minivans. 

Learn more about the Automotive and Transport & Logistics or explore our Customer Insights.

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