1NCE Plugins

Integrated Third-Party Capabilities

Supercharge your IoT-Connected Products

1NCE Plugins extend 1NCE platform capabilities with additional services provided by IoT industry’s best developers. Boost your IoT devices with new features, functionalities, and seamless integrations, which makes it easier and faster to build and manage your IoT projects. Reduce costs and technical friction by easy installing plugins including those from Mender, Datacake, and Tartabit. More plugins coming soon!  

Advantages of 1NCE Plugins

Build faster

Get all the additional functionality you need for your IoT product outof box—no longer requiring extra effort in development.

Work with Trusted Vendors

Work with IoT industry leaders: Firmware Over-the-Air Management (FOTA) by Mender, Data Visualization by Datacake, Azure Integration by Tartabit.

Zero Friction Approach

Add any available plugins from 1NCE platform to your project with a single click.

Commercial Simplicity

Try 1NCE plugins for free, and scale as you go, on any charges applicable in high-usage scenarios. Your 1NCE invoice remains as predictable as ever.

Save Time and Costs with 1NCE Plugins

Integrating 1NCE Plugins into your IoT projects is a breeze. Save weeks of effort and reduce lifetime maintenance costs to deploy and monitor connected products. No more complex integrations – approach the era of open standard IoT. Choose among firmware over-the-air management, advanced data visualization, cloud integration, and more. 

Are the Plugins Provided by 1NCE?

The plugins are developed by industry leading IoT device management, platform services, cloud integration, and other vendors, while 1NCE provides the interface for seamless technical integration.

Is the Plugin Usage Included in the IoT Lifetime Flat?

Usage is not included in the Lifetime Flat. Plugins are available to trial for free and will be charged for by the providers.

Does 1NCE Charge for Plugin Usage?

No, there will be an additional contract and invoice per plugin, ensuring transparent billing for your convenience.

Detailed information in
our 1NCE documentation

Full information, details and documentation can be found in our 1NCE Support, that includes 1NCE Developer Hub and 1NCE FAQ.

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More Features

High Data IoT

Enhance your IoT data with higher speed, global reach, and usage flexibility.

With the purchase of the 1NCE IoT Lifetime Flat you can set up an OpenVPN tunnel to establish a secure data channel.
All Mobile Standards
Our IoT SIM cards support all mobile standards: 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE-M, NB-IoT and they are already 5G-ready.
Connect your IoT / M2M devices to the mobile network via the 1NCE APN.
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