How to use the Sub-Organizations?
As a 1NCE customer, you can create new sub-organizations directly in the customer portal in the Tab "Organizations."
This feature enables you to create independent organizations, e.g., for your subsidiary or sub-contractor.
Creating a new organization requires the Role “Owner” or “Admin”. After creating a new organization, the new owner is being notified and asked to set up his password via email, so that he can access the customer portal.
All known features are active in the new organization.
An order of SIM cards can be placed in the new organization by using the "Reorder" Button and go through the regular ordering process.
Alternatively, your new organization can order directly via the webshop. In this way it requires their login in the second step.
As Master Organization you can see the total number of SIMs ordered by each organization, but don't have direct access without a dedicated account created by them.
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