How to configure the Data Streams in the 1NCE Customer Portal?
Setting up a Data Stream requires you to select the Stream Type to specify if just Event or Usage data is desired, or both should be sent jointly.

You can select the transmission of historic data. If historic data is selected the 1NCE Platform will send all customers data up to seven days old, however it will take significantly longer until transmissions are caught up with live data.

An activated and configured stream will be enabled instantly, and the performance can be monitored. The current Remote Status is shown in the Customer Portal as HTTP status coded from the remote site. If a 200 (OK) is displayed, the Data Stream is operating normally if the receiving section is not reachable or the configuration is invalid, it will show a 500er error.

You can pause and resume the stream at any time by using the action buttons next to the stream details.

For setting up the Data Streams for a RestAPI or RestAPI in Bulk mode the specification of an API Callback is required. The 1NCE Data Stream acts as an HTTP Client and needs an HTTP Server to handle each Post. Every sent message includes an array of one or more objects.
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