The digital price tag for the 21st century

Founded in 1998, VISI/ONE started as a company with one product only: The VISI/ONE adhesive film for Automotive price labeling. But the world evolved rapidly into the digital age and so did VISI/ONE. With Cloud-to-Display solutions VISI/ONE developed the world's first cloud-based technology for digital price labelling with a special focus on the car dealer market.

The digital price tags are based on E-Ink's patented E-Paper technology and the new CSI Display is being connected to the cloud via cellular networks.

Remotely labelled car price tags are comfortable to manage. But not only that. With an integrated GPS-Tracker they help locating each car in no time. For the connectivity, VISI/ONE trusts in 1NCE.

科技: NB-IoT
地區: DACH

Price labelling of automobiles can be time consuming: The cars are usually parked over large areas and each time you want to relabel the price tags of some specific models, you need to grab the right keys, walk all the way out there, open the cars, manually relabel with the current price, lock the car and move on. It is much more convenient to relabel directly from your own desk, remotely. VISI/ONE’s price tags allow exactly that. Plus: Localization of each car is much easier with the integrated GPS-Tracker.


Remotely controlled price tags need to be flexible by nature. They need to be taken in and out of a car with ease, just like a classical price tag. No setup, cabling or other installation on site should complicate the handling. But to make that possible, low battery consumption is mandatory. That is one reason why VISI/ONE uses low power E-Ink technology for its displays. But that is just one thing. To further save energy and take out the complexity of the whole setup, the new CSI Displays were designed to make use of low-power NB-IoT technology.

1NCE Solution

Equipped with a 1NCE IoT SIM Card each of the price tags can communicate directly via NB-IoT with the cloud. Therefore, the customer doesn’t need to spend any time and money setting up and maintaining his own local network such as WiFi or LoRaWAN. The cars can be moved from one Dealership to another without losing connectivity. With the 1NCE IoT Lifetime Flat at a price of 10 Euros over 10 years per SIM, connectivity itself can directly be calculated into the final price of each single CSI Display. The product can be delivered ready-to-use.  

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